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Man, I've just started playing Wild Arms 4 and noticed that there is a pretty big glitch in the PAL version of the game. Certain scenes will not load while it is in the default PAL display mode. The screen will go blank and stay blank.

I'm really pissed off that they let a glitch this big affect the PAL version. If it wasn't for a few message boards I never would have found a way around it.

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All Mega Man games. Picked up Mega Man and Bass for the GBA for $9.99, I just couldn't pass that up for such little amount. Seems alright and nice to play an actual Mega Man game of the original blue bomber rather than his new versions.

Also got Mega Man XZ for the DS. Haven't played a whole lot of it yet as I've mainly started with the Bass game. It seems pretty solid so far.

And awhile back, I picked up the GC Mega Man RPG for dirt cheap, also. But that game has been pretty boring so far.

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For the last three weeks, my soul's proprietor...

Xenogears. :happy:

It always amazes me how I can find little things here and there in the game that I never knew were there even though I've played through the game at least 10 full times. (And I have made it a personal ritual to play it all the way through at least once a year.) Despite the second disc's many flaws (few, if any, of which are the fault of the game's creators), I will never tire of this game. Ever.

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