Episode 122


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Amy is torn between two realities, and the wrong decision will kill everyone she loves ("Amy's Choice"). Then, the Silurians return to reclaim the planet, again ("The Hungry Earth" / "Cold Blood"). And, of course, Dan and Mike talk about the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. [ 1:18:24 || 37.9 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_122.mp3

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Theory about why the Silurian re-introduction was a two-parter, however needlessly it was

Daleks aside, because they don't need a two-parter to be re-introduced to a modern audience (they ARE The Doctor's most recognisable enemy), most every major Doctor Who villain has been re-introduced in a multi-part story. Cybermen, The Master, the Sontarans - the Silurians were afforded the same treatment/courtesy. It's just that there wasn't enough story to stretch out over two episodes.

...Amy's crack. Stay classy!

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