Episode 05.01: Pretty Hate Machine


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It's been a year since our last episode! But wait! It's not entirely our fault. Listen to the saga of two lost episodes, high school yearbook write-ups, CD singles, and an album that is full of dichotomies. Tease up your hair and pull on your legwarmers for the first and 80s-est release from current Oscar-winning film composer Trent Reznor in a little known band he used to have called Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine. What does Halo mean? What does it sound like when a white guy raps over Depeche Mode? Does your kitchen have any Lionel Richie-branded paraphernalia? A Bobby Brown reference? What the hell is going on?! It's been a long time, and we needed to get a lot out of our systems. You'll enjoy it. [ 1:18:25 || 37.8 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_005-01.mp3

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