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I will say that it's not the well-thought out approach to a seemingly daft idea that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was. It's also disappointingly light on Cranston and heavy on Tyler-Johnson, whose character and family I gave no fucks about.

I am excited about a sequel, but hope it focuses on a different set people and learns from some of the mistakes of this one. Not bad a directorial debut, though.

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Liked it a lot but wouldn't say I loved it. Some great moments hampered by pacing and plot contrivance issues.

You could have completely cut out the part with the boy losing his parents on the train and nothing would have been lost. There are a lot of little scenes like that.

It's almost a case of treating the creature with too much respect, to the point of being terrified of having it on screen for too long.

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Pretty much in agreement. I also wish Ken Watanabe's character was more than just "stand by looking aghast". But overall, I enjoyed it. Godzilla, when he was actually on screen, was thoroughly awesome.

I am glad that of all the characters from the original movie to come back, Dr. Serizawa made a return. I was told in the original draft he was supposed to only be seen at night and live in abandoned houses. Although I am glad they changed his character in subsequent drafts (Or else he probably would have come back as a vampire), I still look up to him from time to time. Whenever I have to work nights I always feel alienated and pretend like I am him to keep from going insane.

The reboot did a good job of his character, he may not be as eccentric but there was still something off about him at all times.

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