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  1. Amazing episode, amazing season finale and in honor of it I just thought of a new yet classic saying based off of Mike's "I threw a rock at 'im!" Now after this episode: "I threw a Javlein at 'im!"
  2. Here's a thought I had on how Doomsday could exist before Cadmus: Sometime after Legacy (STAS) and before Secret Origins (JL), a secret unnamed government program was setup to create a weapon to fight Superman if he ever went rogue again. I'm going to call it Project Doomsday, since if Superman ever truly went rogue it would be Doomsday wouldn't it? Using a sample of his DNA, this program created Doomsday, but as Dr. Milo (man I feel creepy for just typing that idiot's name. oh well at least he's gone YAY!) explained the Doomsday monster was too powerful and was sent off into space on the rocket then when the Justice Lords arrived, and the events mentioned above happened, the program was then placed under Cadmus control probably along with all super powered related experiments i.e. the institute that turned Volcana into a weapon, the foundation that had the 1st Royal Flush Gang before Joker arrived, etc. I'm even going to go further and say The Terrific Trio in Batman Beyond was part of this Government-sponsored super power program because to counter the perceived threat of the Justice League, the military needed a counter force. So this is how I think Doomsday could have existed before Cadmus, any thoughts?
  3. That came from an ok sci-fi movie called Supernova with James Spader.
  4. That's true. I didn't even think about getting the materials from space. Now that I think about it, without knowing any different, I'll say that JLU takes place at least a year after JL (maybe two or even three), and since the Justice League did save the entire human race from extinction in Starcrossed, I'm sure volunteers would be more than happy to help support the people who saved their lives. So that may be where all the support staff came from: Grateful citizens who aren't superpowered but want to make the world a safer and better place for future generations.
  5. Just had another thought: Is it ever explained where the Justice League got such a huge support staff? We see the Watchtower surrounded by multiple satellites with ships transferring between them all and there's technicians and medical staff, but where did they all come from? They can't be Wayne Enterprises employees because wouldn't someone say, "Hey we're all Wayne guys and our boss keeps disappearing for days...hmm"? And who's paying for all this? There is positively no way Bruce is because it would bankrupt his company. Then again Kasnia built a giant rail-gun in space but that DID bankrupt the country so now I'm talking myself into circles. Any help or thoughts would be great.
  6. While watching Secret Society,every time I see the JLA and the Secret Society just lining up to face off, I am the little 10 year boy in the stands saying "Get 'em." Rest of the episode and fight, eh... not so much.
  7. Hello, first time poster, I'm the Aaron who mentioned I was planning to make a JL/JLU podcast. Finally got to the JLU library (did skip zeta and static but will go back as soon as I can). Anywho, here's my reasoning for why GL was such a jerk to Kara at the end of Initiation. GL is trying to teach Kara the importance of being part of a unit with an established plan and objective instead of just running off half-cocked and getting the crap kicked out of her. His speech reminds me a lot of what a veteran would say to a new recruit. While I've never served in the military, I do read a lot of fiction written by former military personnel. A lot of veterans would say exactly what GL did to show the recruit that just charging in without thinking is not always the best call but then complimenting them on doing what they did because it was needed but in the future be aware of what you learned. I hope that makes sense. I haven't seen a lot of JLU unfortunately so I'm REALLY looking forward to finally sitting down with my new DVDs and seeing episodes for the first time. Oh one more thing: To quote James: Kevin Conroy is a God. Just saw the infamous "Am I Blue?" for the first time. I'm still geeking out on that a day later and don't plan on stoping anytime soon. If there is a Batman broadway show and Conroy isn't Batman that would be a travesty. Take care All.