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  1. New guy saying hello.

    Never mind. I just checked your profile and found out that you are indeed Mr Wilson. Still, nice work. :-)
  2. New guy saying hello.

    I have actually rooted all the Batman movie reviews out as well as the DC animated movie reviews. I'm hoping there will be a Dark Knight Rises review at some point. Are you Ian as in 'Wilson'? If so, hello, and nice work on the podcasts to you sir.
  3. New guy saying hello.

    Hi there, I just want to say hello to every one, and particularly just say a big thanks to Mike and James for their work on WFP. I found it on itunes earlier in the year and have been steadily making my way through each episode. Sadly, the end is getting nearer. I finished the reviews of Teen Titans (which I believe to be in continuity) today, so there is just Justice League Unlimited left. Sad times. Sad times. Anyway, as I don't like to have too many podcasts on the go at once, I have avoided checking out the rest of Earth 2's library. But with me drawing near to the end of WFP I will be looking to delve into one of the other podcasts within the next couple of weeks. I was thinking 'For Your Ears Only', but I am open to suggestions from the rest of the peeps on these forums. Anyway, thanks again Mike and James, God bless! Bryan.