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  1. Never mind. I just checked your profile and found out that you are indeed Mr Wilson. Still, nice work. :-)
  2. I have actually rooted all the Batman movie reviews out as well as the DC animated movie reviews. I'm hoping there will be a Dark Knight Rises review at some point. Are you Ian as in 'Wilson'? If so, hello, and nice work on the podcasts to you sir.
  3. Hi there, I just want to say hello to every one, and particularly just say a big thanks to Mike and James for their work on WFP. I found it on itunes earlier in the year and have been steadily making my way through each episode. Sadly, the end is getting nearer. I finished the reviews of Teen Titans (which I believe to be in continuity) today, so there is just Justice League Unlimited left. Sad times. Sad times. Anyway, as I don't like to have too many podcasts on the go at once, I have avoided checking out the rest of Earth 2's library. But with me drawing near to the end of WFP I will be looking to delve into one of the other podcasts within the next couple of weeks. I was thinking 'For Your Ears Only', but I am open to suggestions from the rest of the peeps on these forums. Anyway, thanks again Mike and James, God bless! Bryan.