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  1. This week, Dread Media is proud to present a conversation with film composing legend Fabio Frizzi. The Maestro talks about his working relationship with Lucio Fulci, the lasting qualities of his music, and his work on two gialli in particular: Seven Notes in Black and The Scorpion with Two Tails. On top of all that, we've added a full-length episode to the end of that interview as Chris joins Desmond to discuss the film that started it all: Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace. Rich the Monster Movie Kid gives giallo another shot as he takes in a viewing of Black Belly of the Tarantula. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. jumps in to take the show home in a review of Short Night of the Glass Dolls. It would be silly if there wasn't music, right? "Sette Note Pt. 1 (Film Version)" by Bixio - Frizzi - Tempera, "Fear's Melody" by Fabio Frizzi, "Without a Face" by Rage Against the Machine, "Paralyzed" by Ruby the Hatchet, "Is It My Body?" by Alice Cooper, and (one more for good measure) "Verso L'Ignoto" by Fabio Frizzi. [ 1:43:29 || 49.9 MB ]

  2. Will Ackerman and TV 101 bring you a couple of stocking-stuffers. First, Will celebrates 50 years of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Then, he looks back on some lesser-seen holiday specials, including one that tends to be more than a little reviled. Grab some eggnog and take a listen. [ 34:40 || 17.1 MB ]

  3. Labour number five of Ian Wilson's Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief sees our British protagonist tasked with reviewing two films within the same continuity. As such, Ian sits down to review the exaggerated pulp noir nonsense of Frank Miller's Sin City, via the 2005 original movie and the 2014 follow-up Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Which does Ian prefer? Also, can he resist the temptation to respond to Will Ackerman's throwdown from the The Show 10th anniversary episode? In a word, no. [ 46:25 || 22.6 MB ]

  4. Between reminiscing about the 1990s and condemning Black Friday shoppers, Pandy and Christian cap-off the first year of List and Shout by celebrating their favorite holiday haters and fake Santas. Also, to reward their nice listeners for all the feedback they've provided over the year, Pandy opens up a bagful of extra-naughty outtakes. [ 1:05:40 || 31.8 MB ]

  5. This week, a double feature of reviews praising the work of the Belgian purveyors of art-house Giallo homage: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. First, Darryll and Desmond are not creeps in their discussion of female sexuality in their review of Amer. Then, Duane and Desmond take a look at madness in The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears. Songs included: "Full Bloom" by Early Man, "Dark Blue(s)" and "Love and Hate" by Goblin, and "Dark Horse in the Wind" by Primordial. [ 1:35:29 || 46.1 MB ]

  6. As the eighth modern season of Doctor Who comes to a close, trees spring up overnight to protect the world ("In the Forest of the Night") and an old frenemy returns to menace (and kiss) The Doctor ("Dark Water" / "Death in Heaven"). Please pardon the audio glitches, as well as the outdated references. [ 1:37:20 || 47.0 MB ]

  7. While some comic book events are fondly remembered, others have long been forgotten. In this new segment, Dan and Mike look at one that time and reboots have left behind: Emerald Twilight. Not only do the guys cover the core storyline (Green Lantern #48-50), but there's also discussion of the issues before the fall of Hal Jordan (#46-47) and the rise of Kyle Rayner (#51-53). [ 53:40 || 26.3 MB ]

  8. Boobs, blood, and black gloves here! Get yer boobs, blood, and black gloves! Yellow Christmas begins as Dread Media dedicates the entire month of December to the notoriously sleazy, mean-spirited, and often nonsensical genre of Italian whodunnits: Giallo. This first week, a sampler of what the genre has to offer: Desmond and Darryll take on Lucio Fulci's classic Don't Torture a Duckling, Devil Dinosaur Jr. reviews Antonio Bido's grim The Bloodstained Shadow, and Rich the Monster Movie Kid dips his toes into the genre with a look at Emilio Miraglia's The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave. There's some tunes, as well: "I Kill Children" by Dead Kennedys, "Strangled with a Halo" by Pig Destroyer, "Bloodstains" by Agent Orange, "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie, and "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart" by Stone Temple Pilots. Don't forget to enter this month's killer giveaway. RIP Scott Weiland. [ 1:22:27 || 39.8 MB ]

  9. While Shotgun is the general weekend fare, Raw has plenty to write home about. Owen v Bulldog in a rematch for the European Title, Rocky Maivia v Bret Hart for the first (and only) time for the Intercontinental Title, Mankind and Undertaker take their feud up a notch, Stone Cold explains what a tweener is, Road Warrior Hawk ascends to Ahmed Johnson levels of microphone greatness, and Vince Russo inspires the creators of Battlefield Earth. [ 1:42:26 || 48.2 MB ]

  10. For the fourth of Ian Wilson's Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief, our British host must brave new territory by recording a solo commentary of a comic book movie. So, rolling back the years, the film in question is the first movie Ian ever reviewed for Blade. It's listen-along fun! [ 2:09:40 || 62.6 MB ]