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  1. I finally finished my first proper playthrough of this, two years later. And by playthrough, I have played through all three routes and achieved the five major endings (and a few joke endings too). I also got the end credits, and gifted my save to someone else, which means I’m now starting from square one again. Theres a reason this game has managed to hold its own, even being released in the same month as fucking Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can’t believe I waited this long to seriously tackle it. It’s goddamn amazing. The controls can be a bit janky at times, and there are times
  2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Just finished my first round through Adventure Mode, which was a fun way to turn off my brain. As far as I can tell there’s a new game +, so I’ll probably do that too. Haven’t tried fighting online yet, should probably do that. Cadence of Hyrule: Yeah, this is Good Shit. Rhythm game plus Zelda plus rogue like elements (but what feels like way more player friendly from what I know of Crypt of the Necrodancer = fun times, for actual real. I generally use rhythm games to relax, but this was just straight up fun to do, especially as you got a hang of things and got
  3. Land of the Lustrous v8: This feels like it’s building towards a conclusion, or at least escalating even more. This is becoming full existential horror on a level I was not expecting, and Ichikawa just continues to do an amazing job on the art work. Looking forward to seeing what happens in v9. Trades/Tankobon: 24Single Issues: 34
  4. More catch up, going to try to write these up soon: Astro City 50: Support group for the aftermath of another major event in Astro City. A solid one shot, I don’t feel compelled to read more tbh, but still a good read The Amazing Spider-Man 801: A sweet one shot about a man growing up and how his life intersects with Spider Man’s. But also brings up a bunch of questions unintentionally about how/if Peter ages. War of the Realms War Scrolls 2: A Dr Strange and Daredevil/Fisk story that are solid but that I honestly don’t give a shit about. I’m here for the Loki and Wiccan at a
  5. Again, to catch up on writing at some point: Livewire vol 1: Vita Ayala basically gets her shot at writing Not The X-Men that also relies on knowledge of recent Valiant material that I honestly have not followed. But hey, it’s Valiant’s first book following one of their black female heroes, and they got a very good black female writer to do it. Good on them, tbh. Allèn and Martìn do gorgeous art, unsurprisingly. Xena 1: Another Ayala book, good one shot about children paying for the sins of their parents, also something with Discord and Xena and Gabrielle being gay as hell. That’s h
  6. (Writing these down now, will expand later) When I Came to the Castle: Emily fuckin’ Carroll. Gothic horror woven through with sensuality. It’s been amazing to watch her grow as an artist as she’s moved from online comics to print comics, and she’s using what she learned in one medium to do new boundary pushing things with the other. Yes, yes, and yes. WicDiv 43: Third to last issue, and jfc, the things the boys do here. Excellent deconstruction. Wonder Woman Earth One Vol 2: At the time I’m finally writing this up, the main things I can remember about this is: Paquette does g
  7. Black Beetle in “No Way Out”: Francavilla gets to do some gorgeous pulp style art, and I’m 90% sure there’s a sequence where one of the mob goons who gets beat up is based on Warren Ellis. A fun, quick read. Skyward 11: Decided to peek my head back in here. Garbett’s art continues to be dynamic, no clue what’s happening plot wise. Snotgirl 13: Continues to be a fun pretty book with what looks like some minorly crazy subplots going on. Maneaters 7: ....yeah, peeked my head in on this, has kind of reinforced that I’ve been right about not putting the effort in to follow this.
  8. Spinning: Tillie Walden’s autobiographical comic about her middle and high school skating career and her queer awakening, alongside her first real dealing with depression and anxiety. This is primarily in black and white with occasional amazing highlights on gold, which I love. Nice read during an evening soak. Bad Girls: Is this the best title in the world? Hell no. Is it a great heist story about three women stealing 6 mil and trying to get out of Cuba on the evening of the Cuban revolution, and a girl trying to find Marlon Brando who ends up getting swept along in the actual revolution
  9. 14. Alif the Unseen, G. Willow Wilson: Wilson’s first novel, and one I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t gotten to before now. It’s a combination of cyberpunk and Middle Eastern myth with the Arab Spring percolating in the background. The combination of these myths with a significant discussion of the idea of faith and how it affects both these mythological peoples and the people living in the world. There are some wonderful characters, good explanations of computing for those who don’t entirely get it, and a wonderfully compelling plot that unfolds, especially for a first foray into fiction. As
  10. Delicious in Dungeon v 5 + 6: I wondered how they were going to keep this going, but man, this got. Uh. Real dark all of a sudden. Let’s see how fucked up this gets! Bloom: Kevin Panetta and Savannah Ganucheau do a super sweet graphic novel about a budding romance between two boys and them growing up and figuring out how not to suck at things like communicating and what they want from life. The art style is wonderful, the stakes aren’t stupidly high story wise, and the baking (and recipes!) are lovingly depicted. A very sweet (no pun intended) story. (Also, First Second continues to
  11. 11. Pachinko, Min Jin Lee: This was nominated for the National Book Award, is apparently getting a drama series based on it on a streaming service, and is probably the first work of fiction aimed at the English reading audience that I’ve seen that focuses on Koreans in Japan. The way that Koreans are treated in Japan is probably one of the most blatant examples of racism in a non Western society. The novel focuses on four generations of a Korean family who immigrated to Japan, starting in the late 1800s, with a wide, her husband, and their daughter, and ending around 1990, with the daughter’s
  12. Finished it all in two days. Fantastic riff on the original two volumes that get a deeper dive due to the length of the show, and just a real good time. Trust me Mike, you're gonna want to stick to it. It's worth it.
  13. Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite and Dallas: Reread in light of the Netflix adaptation. Still good, fun shit with wonderful art. Trades/Tankobon: 5Single Issues: 13
  14. Die 3: o hai fantasy masterclass and deconstruction, I am here for this. Still skeptical that Hans can keep up on a monthly schedule, but the art continues to be amazing. Unnatural 7: Mirka Andolfo does supernatural furry comics, it pretty Vindication 1: I know Image really prides itself on not having editors but uh maybe they should. Just saying. Yiiiiiiikes. Criminal 2: Brubaker and Phillips do a very thinly veiled take on Steve Ditko But A Dirtbag, and apparently the issues aren’t all going to be the same story chronologically, which should be interesting. Blackbird 5: I
  15. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku v3: Continues to be a funny and sappy as hell romance manga focusing on (three now!) nerdy couples. This is finally past what the anime has adapted so far, so it’s all new material, and I continue to like the two volumes in one approach to translation. 10 Dance v1: An old school boy’s love manga - slow burn, rivals turned dance partners turned ???, polar opposites, the whole nine yards. I’ll definitely read more when it comes out. Trades/Tankobon: 3 Single Issues: 5
  16. And finished it! Kingdom Hearts 3: Worth waiting since high school for. Is this perfect? Fuck no. The last part of the game feels pretty rushed in terms of wrapping up the story (and one character in particular getting the shaft), and the Frozen and Pirates worlds would be deeply improved by, say, a skip button. But the combat is fucking great (yes, it's a bit mashy between two buttons, but man if it doesn't flow like none other), the ability to switch between various forms for your Keyblade is wonderful (shield! magic guns! BEATING THE FINAL BOSS WITH A GODDAMN YO-YO), when the worlds h
  17. 1. Woman’s Consciousness, Man’s World, Sheila Rowbotham: Originally published in England in the 70s, this focuses on the roles of women in capitalism and how women’s lib has connections to socialism, and how women are treated even in revolutionary movements. It also ties the author’s personal experience into the general writing she does connecting socialism and feminism, which makes it way less dry than a treatise like this could’ve been. Boyfriend got me this for my birthday, and it’s a relatively quick read, and a good way to start out the year. 2. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle,
  18. KH DDD: Yeah, I got to Riku's section in the final world and just decided to watch the rest of the game. Might come back to it, because I thought I was past the point where I could switch back to Sora's POV, but apparently I was wrong! Still way too much going on, especially with the Dreams as Pokemon mechanic, but Flowmotion/Command Decks worked well enough. KH .2 ~A Fragmentary Passage~: This feels like it was the proof of concept for KH3 - that it could work in the Unreal engine, and that after a fucking decade, they could actually pull off a ground up rebuild of the battle system. Un
  19. Die 2: Yeah, I'm here for this. I'll be interested to see if Hans can keep up on a monthly schedule, though. WicDiv 41: HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL FUCKIN' YEAH. Deadly Class 36: Oh look, it's another drug trip issue. I am so very compelled by this content. /sarcasm Buffy 1: I'm actually kind of interested to see how this goes, and how much of a hand Whedon will actually have in this versus the rein they might give Jordie. Monstress 19: Comic real pretty, here for this fantasy ass shit. Trades: 1 Single Issues: 5
  20. 97. The Winter of the Witch, Katherine Arden: So. I applied for ARC access for this book on a whim, on the basis that I had the first book in my library and not thinking I’d get it. And then I did. So I decided that to be fair to it, I’d read that first book, along with finding a copy of the second book, before I got to this ARC. I found some of the ideas in the first book interesting, but found they got thrown aside for elements I wasn’t that interested in. The second book was frustrating attempts to set groundwork for the third book and things bought up to be thrown aside suddenly in favor o
  21. Harrow County v8: Hell of an ending to the story, and fantastic art to boot. Trades: 1
  22. (Reminder to self to attempt to remember what all I've read since August 21st, probably not gonna remember it all but by god I'm gonna try)