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GI Joe: The Movie is not in production so don't get your hopes up. But, if it were, who would be in your dream cast?


Flint: James Marsden

Snake Eyes: Ray Park

Duke: Bruce Willis

Hawk: Charlton Heston

Lady Jaye: Carla Gugino

Roadblock: Michael Clarke Duncan

Beach Head: Michael Madsen

Scarlett: Laura Prepon


Cobra Commander: Steve Buscemi (voice only)

Destro: James Earl Jones [or] Liam Neeson (voice only)

Baroness: Fairuza Balk

Storm Shadow: Jet Li

Zartan: Hugh Jackman

Tomax/Zamot: Edward Norton

Major Bludd: Elliott Gould

By no means do you have to use the same characters I did. For sake of keeping it simple, I cut out guys like Wild Bill, Quick Kick, Shipwreck, Bazooka, Gung-Ho, Dr. Mindbender, all of the Dreadnoks, and Serpentor. But feel free to add in whomever you like.

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