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  1. The moment has arrived! Dave and Ian come to the end of their 11-month viewing of Twin Peaks. In episode 28, Cooper deduces the way to open the Black Lodge and who will be Wyndham Earle's next target. Unfortunately, he is too late to stop Earle from causing chaos at Miss Twin Peaks and kidnapping Annie. In episode 29, Earle takes Annie into the Black Lodge with Cooper in pursuit. What awaits Cooper inside will put his very soul in jeopardy, and he may never be the same again. They also discuss Ian's fury at the final episode, Wyndham Earle dressed as the Log Lady, what Pete Martell's favorite video game is, and the long anticipated return of Statistician Ian to announce the next show that will be covered. [ 2:31:10 || 68.8 MB ]


  2. This week, we have a couple haunted places that need to be stayed away from. The guy from CSI: Miami and his buds clean up asbestos at an insane asylum in Darryll and Desmond's review of Session 9. Then, Kiefer Sutherland is going to want to spend a lot less than 24 hours inside a haunted department store in Devil Dinosaur Jr's Stay Scary of Mirrors. There are tunes, as well: "Breaching the Asylum" by Kataklysm, "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden, "Mirror, Mirror (Look into My Eyes)" by Def Leppard, and "Surviving the Abyss" by Crowbar. [ 1:14:19 || 35.9 MB ]


  3. Kellen and Tom discuss the biggest match of the weekend, and it never aired on television or pay-per-view. After months of buildup, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels finally throw down backstage in the locker room, for real, before Raw goes live on air. Oh, and on the actual wrestling side of things, there's the King of the Ring, Steve Austin v Shawn Michaels, and The Nation of Domination implodes. [ 4:34:42 || 128.0 MB ]


  4. This week may have you asking questions. It certainly has our film reviewers asking questions. First, Darryll and Desmond take in the bizarro fantasy film Sorceress, and end up wondering why more airbrushed images form the sides of cool vans in the 1980s never made it to the cinema. Then, VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media has Duane and Desmond wondering if they're watching a documentary or someone's video podcast. At least there's music: "Sorceress" by Opeth, "Mental Twin" by Entombed, "Obsolete" by Black Cobra, and "In Vain, I've Sinned" by Jeremiah Crow. [ 1:16:17 || 36.8 MB ]


  5. Three Amazing Dread Media International Travel Tips for the Savvy and Sensual Horror Tourist from Desmond and Duane! Journey to an expansive Japanese manor with a mix of Imperial and modern design in the South Korean countryside, but don't go into the basement. You can even pay for your trip by serving the lady of the house as The Handmaiden. Backpack into the idyllic Slovenian countryside where you can meet some of the local boys and even try the local moonshine. Just don't ask the Killbillies what it's made of! Finally, lounge in the sun and take in the sights in scenic Brazil, but look out for the feral women, mummies, supervillains, werewolves, vampires, and warrior women, and take in Ivan Cardoso's Werewolf in the Amazon Collection. Don't forget to load up your mp3 player with an international selection of music: "Master & Servant" by Nouvelle Vague, "Sex (I'm a)" by Lovage, "Moonchild" by Iron Maiden, "We Who Are Not as Others" by Sepultura, and "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. [ 1:26:40 || 41.8 MB ]


  6. Once again, Hey an, Actor! pays tribute to a Dame thanks to Pandy, with Dame Maggie Smith featuring this month. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie not only saw Smith win her first Oscar, but inspired a HAA! drinking game, as well as a number of dubious Scottish accents. Then, Keeping Mum is such a self-contained film that The Brothers Wilson were loath to spoil anything in their review. Whilst Sister Act revisits the hosts' love of the franchise, and to what extent they consider the original film a prequal to Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Additionally, the episode debuts the HAA! Book Corner, confirms Ian's questionable pension plan based around Chris Benoit, and Pandy names who he considers one of the most recognizable faces in cinema (to partial ridicule). [ 2:26:36 || 70.8 MB ]


  7. While a stranded Captain Kirk finds true love on a peaceful world, Spock breaks The Enterprise ("The Paradise Syndrome"). And, a creeper tricks a handful of children into taking control of the ship so he can take over the universe ("And the Children Shall Lead"). [ 53:50 || 26.3 MB ]


  8. Today, The Show kicks off a multipart special! Between episodes 901 and 904, we will hear the complete "Clan of the Fiery Cross" storyline from The Adventures of Superman radio program. And here are the first four installments. [ 1:06:25 || 34.4 MB ]


  9. Happy Halloween, Dreadites! As always, we've got a killer episode for you to hunker down and avoid the sugar-crazed ghouls lurking your neighborhood this week. First up, one of our oldest friends, Greg Lamberson, is back to chat about what he's got going on, namely The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival; Blu-ray releases of Killer Rack, Slime City, and Slime City Massacre; and the film that's been more than three decades in the making: Johnny Gruesome. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the brand new anthology film Tales of Halloween. Finally, it's been four years since Duane and Desmond discussed all of The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" episodes to date. So, they decided to finish them off, including the brand new 600th episode and the first non-"Treehouse of Horror" episode of the show that deals with Halloween. It's a blast. And every Halloween party needs music: "Ritual" by Ghost, "Gruesome" by Gruesome, "Tales of Halloween" by Jimmy Psycho, "Grownup Halloween" by the cast of The Simpsons, and "Halloween" by Mastodon. [ 2:26:47 || 70.7 MB ]

  10. You thought it was gone forever, but Animezing Podcast, much like Alucard himself, just won't stay dead. The Halloween tradition continues as Kellen Scrivens and James Trenchard provide their commentary on Hellsing Ultimate OVA VIII. [ 1:03:19 || 29.8 MB ]


  11. The endgame approaches for Ian in Dave in the penultimate episode of their Twin Peaks coverage. In episode 25, Donna begins investigating her mother's involvement with Ben Horne, Gordon Cole discovers that he can hear Shelly perfectly, and Annie gives Cooper a clue that leads him to the mysterious Owl Cave and the unearthing of ancient petroglyphs. In episode 26, corruption and intrigue surround the Miss Twin Peaks contest, and Earle reveals his plans to Ted Raimi who is then killed and inserted into a giant chess pawn. And in episode 27, Jeddy begins to show signs of rebellion, Major Briggs falls in to Wyndham Earle's clutches, and Bob makes a return to the physical plane. They also discuss the fact Twin Peaks may be set in the same universe as The Phantom, enjoy the mainly absent James Hurley, and make far too many references to Batman Begins. [ 2:42:55 || 60.5 MB ]


  12. With only a week to go until King of the Ring, it's time for the injury bug to get rid of half the card. Will the WWF be able to save the PPV? Meanwhile, in-ring this week we see the return of the missing Sycho Sid and a Wrestlemania rematch against The Undertaker in the main event, as well as Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels defending their tag team titles for the first time against The Legion of Doom. [ 2:27:30 || 69.0 MB ]


  13. After saving a Viking village from an alien menace, The Doctor turns a young woman into an immortal ("The Girl Who Died" / "The Woman Who Lived"). Then a faction of Zygons plot to undermine the peace treaty with Humankind ("The Zygon Invasion" / "The Zygon Inversion"). [ 1:39:45 || 48.2 MB ]


  14. "Klytus, I'm bored." And thus begins the epic Flash Gordon film from 1980, starring Sam Jones, Max von Sydow, Melody Anderson, Timothy Dalton, and Brian Blessed. To celebrate the 900th episode and the 11th anniversary of The Show, Dan, Dave, Ian, and Mike dissect this cult classic from top to bottom, creating the most frustrated middle manager in the process. Opening theme: "Caffeine" from Vol. 2 of RWBY by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams, featuring Lamar Hall. [ 3:27:28 || 102.2 MB ]


  15. This week, Dread Media welcomes author Sezin Koehler for an in-depth chat about her two unique novels, American Monsters and Crime Rave, as well as talk about upcoming work and the craft of writing. It's a great conversation. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid jumps in with a review of Phantasm: Ravager, as well as a rundown of the entire Phantasm series. Also, we have what has to be the most diverse lineup of music the show's ever seen in a single episode: "Rave On" by Buddy Holly, "Be Kind to Your Neighborhood Monster" by the Sesame Street Monsters, "Left Hand Path" by Entombed, and "Saint of Killers" by Damn Laser Vampires. RIP Steve Dillon. [ 1:29:44 || 43.3 MB ]


  16. When you think of Flash Gordon, what comes to mind: someone jumping out of an airplane sans parachute before engaging beast-men in three-on-one fights, or someone standing around his mother's kitchen eating scrambled eggs before teaching beast-men how to chew gum? In this episode, Dan and Mike discuss both scenarios, as they look at the 1936 Flash Gordon serials starring Buster Crabbe, as well as the pilot episode of the 2007 Flash Gordon television series starring Eric Johnson. [ 1:5045 || 54.5 MB ]