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  1. Dave and Ian continue their viewing of Steven Moffat's Jekyll. In episode three, Tom is fatigued and in hiding while fighting off an increasingly more dominant Hyde. When he confronts Peter about his betrayal, they both end up locked in a wine cellar and Claire Jackman finds out her husband's dark secret. Someone doesn't leave the cellar alive. In episode four, Tom is trapped in a techno box and he and Claire are taken to Klein and Utterson. Miranda, Catherine, and Min confront Peter with what they know and bad coffee is apologized for. They also discus TV storytelling techniques they dislike and the career of 2 Unlimited. [ 2:02:07 || 46.3 MB ]


  2. Okay, it's weirdly named killers week on Dread Media. (Just in case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for obscure themes.) First up, some information on our listener call-in show in eight weeks. Then, Desmond and Darryll try to reckon with The Greasy Strangler. Then, Rich says "No No" to The Bye Bye Man. It ain't pretty. There are songs to help you through it: "Ronnie" by Metallica, "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde" by Lonely Island featuring Rihanna, "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne, and "Name" by Rancid. [ 59:13 || 28.6 MB ]

  3. In this special episode recorded live in front of an audience at Arisia 2017, Dan and guest Andy Hicks recall the Wilderness Years, a time when little to no new Doctor Who was being made, and regale the listeners with stories of weak PBS signals, spending ungodly amounts of money on unwatchable garbage, and the 10 minutes they spent convinced Eric Roberts was the best Master ever. [ 1:01:42 || 30.0 MB ]


  4. This week, we have two of 2016's best from other countries. First, it's a train movie, so you know that Darryll was interested in South Korea's Train to Busan. Then, Duane comes by to dig into some Brazilian folk horror in The Devil Lives Here. Also, some important news about episode 500 that every Dread Media listener has a chance to get in on. Finally, some tunes: "Shhh..." by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne, "We Who Are Not As Others" by Sepultura, and "The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist" by Propagandhi. [ 1:01:05 || 29.5 MB ]


  5. Friends met The Real World in this failed attempt to bring the Justice League of America to live-action TV in 1997. Yet, despite all of its failings (and there are many), Dan and Mike find something to enjoy in this odd take on superheroes. [ 1:11:58 || 36.3 MB ]



  6. Ahmed Johnson explains why he joined The Nation and hypes up his PPV Title match. He then gets injured and has to relinquish it. Owen Hart, HHH, and Goldust square off (or would that be triangle off?) in the first ever televised Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship. The tag team tournament continues, and Sabu faces Flash Funk on Raw in Week 25 of A Cure for the Common Podcast. [ 2:27:03 || 68.9 MB ]


  7. This week, Dread Media again turns its leering eye toward sexy vampires. First, Desmond and Duane take a look at the mysterious women in the recent Spanish remake of the 1974 film Vampyres. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid discusses Selene and all kind of glossy vampires (and lycans) in his discussion of Underworld: Blood Wars and the other films in the Underworld series. Then Duane and Desmond return to discuss Thomas Kretschmann's title role and the always alluring Asia Argento in her father's film, Dracula 3D. How about some songs to dance with your favorite sexy vampire, too? "Ballad of the Weird Sisters" by Blood Ceremony, "FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers)" by Bad Brains, "Vermillion Part 2 (Bloodstone mix)" by Slipknot, "Kiss Me, Dracula" by Simonetti Project, and "Bathe in Blood" by Evile. Just protect your neck. RIP William Peter Blatty. [ 1:31:33 || 44.2 MB ]


  8. And it was once again foretold that the warrior and the scribe gather around the table to tell of their accomplishments. Last year was big for Aaron and Damien, and they're back to talk about how 2017 may be even bigger. [ 1:44:30 || 49.6 MB ]

  9. Cruising from bustling theme parks to remote Celtic isles, the HMS List and Shout sails through travel in fiction. Join Pandy and Christian (and Evie) as they gaze upon the places they'd most like to go (both fictional and real), retrace the toughest journeys ever embarked upon, and wade through the worst vacations ever endured! [ 1:09:35 || 36.7 MB ]

  10. This week we do end up looking back at two of 2016's more popular theatrical horror endeavors. Darryll and Desmond sit down to take a look at Don't Breathe and Lights Out, but what did they think? Listen to find out! There are songs, as always: "New Blood" by Night Fever, "Blind" by Korn, "Hit The Lights" by Metallica, and "The Hell I Am" by Hick'ry Hawkins. [ 1:12:37 || 35.1 MB ]


  11. It's time for a bigger, badder Nation to debut, but who is going to take the plunge and join? The tag tournament kicks off, but what kind of man might Austin pick to replace Shawn Michaels as his partner? Why does Savio insist he wasn't fired when we all saw it live on TV? And finally, the biggest unanswered question of all is revealed; the paternity test is in and Dr. Heyman is all set to reveal who Brian Christopher's father really is! It's mystery week here on Shotgun and Raw, and Kellen and Tom are all set to investigate. [ 2:05:16 || 60.2 MB ]



  12. It's days of Auld Lang Die here at Dread Media. Happy 2017, everyone. This first episode of the year does what many New Years-themed specials do, and that is look ahead. This week we look at three films that present wildly different visions of the future. First up, Duane and Desmond take a look at the post-apocalyptic wasteland of French Canada's Turbo Kid. Then, a Japanese utopia is threatened by villains only a group of heroes with a massive robot can as Darryll and Desmond review the first few episodes of the anime series Giant Robo. Finally, an enigmatic woman travels to the past to gather a cult of followers to warn them of the coming cataclysm in Chris and Desmond's review of Sound of My Voice. Here are some future party tunes to ring in 2017: "Future World" by Helloween, "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest, "Electric Uncle Sam" by Primus, "Dreams" by The Cranberries, and "This Year" by The Mountain Goats. Happy New Year! [ 1:54:37 || 55.2 MB ]


  13. Let's face it: Dread Media is the reason for the season. It's our annual Yuletide Special here at Dread Media, and this week we aren't messing around. We've got a Christmas slasher sandwiched between what seems to be two horror fan's reimaginations of popular modern Christmas classics tied to 1989. First, did 2015's Krampus start off as a remake of 1989's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? It sure seems like it. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid can't help but tear into this year's present early in his review of Don't Open 'til Christmas. Then, I know Home Alone didn't come out until 1990, but 1989's obscure French film 3615 code Père Noël sure seems a hell of a lot like it. Of course, there's your requisite selection of Christmas Scare-ols: "Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass" by The Arrogant Worms, "No Present for Christmas" by King Diamond, "Mistress for Christmas" by AC/DC, "Night of the Kris Kringle Killer" by Murkbox, and "Silent Night, Deadly Night (acoustic)" by The Browns. [ 1:22:34 || 39.9 MB ]


  14. To round off this awful year, and in the spirit of festive tradition, The Brothers Wilson sit down by their respective fireplaces to discuss someone who, while an actor in his own right, is more renowned as a composer and musician. That is the genius Paul Williams! To explore his mark on cinema, Ian and Pandy discuss Bugsy Malone, a film where children kill each other, and Phantom of the Paradise, a film where musicians kill people. Notice a theme? Find out how Ian feels about the questionable taste of Bugsy Malone, and what an extremely tired Pandy makes of the cult classic musical horror. There's also the timely fun of outtakes from HAA's Year of Grey, and the annual spectacular of The Tomlinson awards! So many reasons to be merry this Christmas. You're welcome! [ 2:36:36 || 75.6 MB ]


  15. An idiot scientist compresses sleep into five-minute cycles, thus turning eye-boogers into roaring beasties ("Sleep No More"). Rigsy finds himself under the shadow of a death sentence, but a bad play on Clara's part has fatal consequences ("Face the Raven"). Then, in the wake of Clara's death, The Doctor finds himself trapped in a puzzle / prison created exclusively for him, resulting in a return to Gallifrey and the start of a new adventure ("Heaven Sent" / "Hell Bent"). Also: The guys bid farewell to Jenna Coleman, rank season nine, have a theory about how to consume one of the episodes, and leave a Christmas present for Ian in the form of an outtake. [ 2:18:05 || 66.6 MB ]


  16. Will takes a trip to Bloom County for A Wish for Wings That Work. Then, Donovan Morgan Grant returns with his friend Harrison Chute to discuss the iconic anime and manga franchise Ghost in the Shell. Leading up to the 2017 American movie, the guys discuss the kinky, esoteric tendencies of the original manga; the philosophical ponderings and relentless nudity of the transcendent 1995 animated film; the complex television series, Stand Alone Complex, and its sequel, 2nd GIG; the bleakness of the movie sequel, Innocence; the betrayal of the series reboot, Arise; and the potential hopes and trepidation of the controversially cast Scarlett Johansson US adaptation! [ 2:32:10 || 75.5 MB ]


  17. Today's special is The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold, and Will cannot figure out what it has to do with Christmas. Then Mike spreads more Punisher-themed seasonal joy by discussing Punisher: Red X-Mas, Punisher: Silent Night, Punisher: X-Mas Special, and Punisher MAX X-Mas Special. [ 48:45 || 26.4 MB ]


  18. After three long days of talking about The Smurfs, Will finds something actually decent in The Town that Santa Forgot. Then, in a team-up some thought would never happen, and others thought probably shouldn't, Dave Probert and Pandy Wilson join forces in what is supposed to be a review of their media consumption of 2016. Yet, somehow, they also end up talking about darts-themed game shows from the 1980s, wrestling from the 1990s (particularly how Vince McMahon would have booked Emmeline Pankhurst), nitpick the film Nativity, and recommend a variety of Hammer films. It's the review of the year you didn't realize you needed. [ 1:47:10 || 53.4 MB ]