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  1. Good mid-season stopper. I really liked Barry's character moments with his Dad, Joe, and Iris. The stuff with Reverse Flash vs Flash was pretty cool tool. They've pulled off some pretty awesome special effects for a TV series and we got to see that again. Eddie getting the You Know What scared out of him by Reverse Flash was pretty good too.
  2. A bit late to show here but I've been loving Flash! THIS, is like a perfect balance for a superhero show. I love that they've played up Barry enjoying that he has powers. I also like how he's motivated to do the right thing with his powers. Sure he wants to get his Dad out of jail, but Barry also naturally wants to help people. Call me old fashioned but that's what I like to see in my heroes. Generally I've found something to like in every episode. I can't really pick a bad one, just there's something that makes me smile for all of them so far. As it was said by many others, THIS IS A
  3. I couldn't help but watch This Side of Paradise and wonder if this is where Shatner got the idea for the whole crew to turn against him bit for ST:V. Also wasn't this like the most passive aggressive mutiny in history? I felt like I was watching Kirk be a high school teacher trying to get a student to stop being dick.
  4. Hey guys, great episode. Mike, I re watched Space Seed and you'll be happy to know Uhrura did recognize the Morse Code when it started beeping. One thing I was wondering did either of you guys read the Khan books? There's a couple that are supposed to show how the Eugenics War factored into the real life events of our 1990s. If I recall what I know they change it to the E.W basically being a secret history, these things went on but were covered up by other events. There's also a book that's supposed to detail Khan's reign on Ceti Alpha V as well. I think I enjoyed A Taste of Armageddo
  5. I dug this one. Clara getting to be Doctor basically, very cool.
  6. Hey guys as usual a fine podcast and if you count Galaxy Quest as a Trek movie, it ensures the odd number sucks rule stays true for the pre NuTrek films What do you guys consider the best Trek Courtroom episode? Every single series has had one if not more. Off the top of my head I can think of, TOS: Court Martial (duh), The Menagerie TNG: Measure of a Man, The Drumhead, Riker accused of Murder (sorry don't know the name), while not a courtroom one per-say I'd say The First Duty counts. DS9: Worf on trial for attacking a Klingon Ship Voyager: Death Wish (Quinn and Q) S
  7. Having missed out on Who for a bit finally got caught up. Caretaker was fun for the interactions between Clara, the Doctor, and Danny. It's always fun to put the Doctor out of his element a bit so having him at Clara's school worked for me. Kill the Moon was pretty good with most of my love coming from the final scene. I'm glad Jenna Coleman has gotten to stretch her acting legs this season and is now a well rounded Companion (to me at least). Mummy on the Orient Express, pretty good as well. I'd say I didn't like it as much as Kill the Moon but had some classic Doctor moments. Cla
  8. If I was ranking episodes thus far for Series 8, 1. Robot of Sherwood 2. Deep Breathe 3. Listen 4. Time Heist 5. Into the Dalek (Even with my extra Dalek bonus points...something about this one quite doesn't work)
  9. I liked the episode but thought maybe they should have been a bit more conventional with the set up. One of the perks of a good heist film is to see the planning and the team coming together. I think they should have showed the Doctor recruiting people, coming up with the plan, trying the plan something goes 'wrong', and we see the twist the Doctor planned in. But it wasn't too bad. Though was furrowing my eyebrows at the end,
  10. Next week's episode looks fun. Has Doctor Who ever done a heist episode before (like during the classic series)?
  11. I can see what you mean Dan. I feel the same way about most book adaptations into film. Some of them work out pretty well where you can get the gist of the story and its feel into a movie. Two of my favorite examples for that are The Hunt for Red October and Jurassic Park which both changed things along with leaving things out but the core story was there and gets the 'feel' of each book down. Other books should never be condensed to a two hour film, they need a series or mini-series to really flesh out the concept. Band of Brothers did this perfectly while we see what happens when you try
  12. Based on what you guys talked about with which movies feel like their series, isn't it a good thing the films moved away from the feel of series? Some of the Trek films I find the least enjoyable are the ones that feel like an episode (and in most cases a bad episode) of the show. I'd say the TOS movies are less guilty of this than TNG. TNG had three movies that felt like episodes and bad ones at that. Generations is nothing more than an expanded episode. Insurrection is the MOST guilty of this (even more so that they already did that plot with the Native American settlers on the planet th
  13. Just had a thought about this: Hmmm that's an interesting idea.