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  1. So...has anyone seen this yet? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. I'm interesting! Damn. How'd that one slip by me? I check and double check my posts. Dude, it happens to all English majors, trust me. BTW--awesome article.
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    A heads up for Spawn fans--according to information on the Savage Dragon message board, Spawn has been canceled.
  4. That's Mega Man 3 after you beat the pre-Wily.
  5. You think he was hard, wait till you get to the one in Mega Man 2. :bang: Are you kidding? Number 2 would have to be the easiest MM game. I'll definitely be picking this game up. I've got a question. Did they introduce a save function for number 1? One: Yeah, you can save one game with every Mega Man game. So you can make a save with the first Mega Man. Two: I was just talking about Wily in his machine right after facing the eight robot bosses again, not the easy ass alien or the whole game in general. Actually, MM2 Wily's ship was easier than MM1. The one in MM1 got in too many cheap shots (thank God the Elec Beam/Cut Blade Pause Trick works :toothy: Well, I think it's that AND the fact that in MM2, you could fall back on the Energy Tanks. :toothy:
  6. I just started playing it Thursday night (GC version). So far, so good. The original Mega Man is kicking my butt right now (how the #&*%%%!! do I beat Wily?), and I've gotten used to the different shooting configuration (A=shoot, B=jump). What's dissapointing is that with all 8 games on one disk, you actually get to see how the quality of the games decreased with MM 5 and 6. THIS is video gaming at it's best. Who needs Halo 2?
  7. Bumping this...I'll wait until I can get the HDD/FF11 combo used. So, drq--do you recommend this?
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    Kingdom Hearts II

    Disney still retains the rights to all the Pixar films, and has the option to make sequels. Pixar will still get paid, however. As for additional KH 2 worlds, here are my pics: *Swiss Family Robinson *Tale Spin *Darkwing Duck/Ducktales *GARGOYLES
  9. Just got my GameCube back from my sisters, and I'm about to partake of some old school Mega Man goodness. Who else picked up this game?
  10. Yes. In "Best of Both Worlds Part 2," the Enterprise took out a Borg cube by splitting into Saucer and Fighter sections.
  11. This thread alone made me register to this forum! It seems that most of y'all forgot Enterprise-D's secret--it can split into two sections, Saucer and Fighter. That gives it a significant advantage over the Millenium Falcon (2 ships against one).