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  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas It still holds up to this day. And the score...my god, the score is nigh-unbeatable.
  2. I can't fathom how anyone gives WWE money anymore. Such a shitty company led by legitimately one of the scummiest rich people on the planet.
  3. Yeah, that one is fantastic. Another one I loved was, "The sea giveth and the sea taketh away...and this time, the sea......tooketh......my sword...."
  4. Watching Norsemen right now. Really enjoying it--hilarious dialogue and a shout-out to the great costuming.
  5. And instantly, when I saw that news, I lost interest in it altogether. Sigh.
  6. Still voting Winter Soldier, as it is my favorite MCU film, but First Avenger is probably #2.
  7. I agree with Dubs' assessment that it didn't need a deep, complex narrative or anything because it was a 100% style movie. But I do enjoy it even with its flaws. Top Dollar alone is worth the viewing time.
  8. I truly enjoy Infinity War, but GOTG still beats it for originality and fun.
  9. Cap, easily. This just reminds me, I need to rewatch The Rocketeer.
  10. Cappy. Front to back just brilliant performances from everyone.
  11. Homecoming has my single favorite scene of any MCU film--the "dad chat." Keaton owns the world in that scene. But Winter Soldier is my favorite MCU film by a huge margin. It stands out from the rest of the universe with its unique espionage story. I won't be voting against it at any point.