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  1. The Witches of Eastwick: Funny enough Supernatural Comedy. Just with the four leads we had, I feel like it should have been epic but still pretty entertaining! Oh, and that John Williams score! Pinocchio: Definitely a good follow-up to Snow White. Some of the animation is really good (See Monstro), characters get personality, and the plot is only kind of a meandering trip. Films: 6
  2. I, Tonya: Margot Robbie is going to get her Oscar eventually. Just the way that she captures Tonya Harding in the film is wonderful! Mank: It's Oscar Bait but at least somewhat interesting, especially any part with Amanda Seyfried. Bridget Jones's Diary: It's a yearly tradition to watch this during January. Renee Zellweger is pretty good in it. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Simple but beautiful. Also, to be commended for what it spawned. Films: 4
  3. Final count for 2020: I watched 300 films. This was helped along by the fact that I wasn't hanging out with friends on weekends and that I had the extra money for extra streaming services and the such. That said, I also watched like 70 something films in December alone. October helped it. I will also hopefully not hit 300 films next year but we'll see.
  4. Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Eat, Pray, Love
  5. Spider-Man: Far From Home: I think I remember disliking it more but it holds up pretty well. Sister Act 2: Back in The Habit: I somehow didn't get to this until the last day of 2020. Wild. The Lion King 1 1/2: It's not a bad film, has a few moments where it kind of falters though. The Skeleton Twins: Kristen Wiig is going to win an Oscar by the end of the 20s. Good for her when it happens! The Wizard of Oz: One of my favorite films since I was young (what gay boy doesn't love it though). It's a classic for a reason. Films: 264 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 7 Mst3k/Rifftr
  6. An Extremely Goofy Movie: I don't like that pretty much all of Max's Character Development from the first movie got pushed back but, otherwise, I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially all the 70s music throughout. Cinderella III: A Twist In Time: Probably the best of the Disney Straight to Video features. It helps that everyone gets better characterization and there are actual stakes at least. Frankenstein: It's a classic for a reason. Kentucky Fried Movie: One of my favorite, "Hey, we got a bunch of sketches, let's release it as a film" films. Zinc Oxide and You is a freaking trea
  7. Kiki's Delivery Service vs Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
  8. Kiki's Delivery Service: I never fail to be reminded how charming and beautiful the film is! The Cat Returns: It's cute. Not my favorite but good. Fantastic Four: Not my cup of tea. Basically, someone had a basic idea of the Fantastic Four and decided to make a body horror film instead. The Princess Bride: It's a classic for a reason. Films: 254 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 7 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 28
  9. Ant-Man and The Wasp: It's about in the low middle for me. There's some interesting stuff going on but it is, overall, working to bridge for Endgame. Captain Marvel: Not as keen as I was on it back when I first saw it but it's still good enough. Avengers: Endgame: Still not the biggest fan but it has stuff that works and stuff that doesn't. Anastasia: It's so weird watching this on Disney+. Space Mutiny: Potentially the best first episode for anyone looking to get into MST3K outside of the Host Segments taking place during the only season with real continuity. Films: 2
  10. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom: Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman are perfect in this and should, honestly, win every acting award possible! The film itself is a little stagy at times but when you have a play that is already basically perfect... Querelle: A kind of weird Erotic Drama from the 80s. I think I liked it. It's very gay which was nice. Films: 246 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 7 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 27
  11. Miracle on 34th Street: Utterly charming, never overly sentimental, and just fantastic! Klaus: Just a unbelievably beautiful movie, joyful, an utter delight, and just... I think it's basically perfect. The Muppet Christmas Carol: The way Michael Caine acts with The Muppets is truly fascinating. Great from the first song until the end! The Star Wars Holiday Special: Yup. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: One of my favorite Christmas Films. I love the idea of family coming together at Christmas against all odds. Also, it's funny and just heartwarming enough. Wonder
  12. Four Christmases: What a painful and deeply unpleasant film! A Christmas Movie Christmas: On one hand, it's not a bad film. It's pretty much parody but it gets really weird with the meta. Like, Maybe everyone is stuck in limbo weird. Holiday in Handcuffs: Gloriously insane! Sailor Moon S: The Movie: Not the best of the Sailor Moon movies but still not bad! The Christmas Set-up: Aka The Gay Lifetime Christmas Movie. I LOVED it. It was really cute and sincere. It was a little formulaic but still had some great moments! The Last Christmas Party: Meh. Gremlins: The gr
  13. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians: Strange but often interesting. Santa Claus: Strange and bizarre Santa Mythology! The Christmas That Almost Wasn't: It's that rare film that got used on MST3K that actually isn't bad. Odd but not bad. Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny: Whoever made this was on all the drugs. Santa Claus: The Movie: Weird but fun. Definitely review fodder for the future. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: Not as good as the first but still funny. A little more cartoonish in it's violence but there's at least some character growth since the first one for Kevin.
  14. Elf: I can see why people like it but I still don't like it. Home Alone: I grew up with it so it's always going to hit that nostalgia button for me. Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July: So, all the Christmas Rankin and Bass characters team up. It's weird but can't quite recommend it. Red Lodge: It's a cute little queer Christmas movie. I enjoyed it. Films: 217 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 7 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 22
  15. 12 Disasters. Let me sum up the plot: The 12 Days of Christmas was a warning by the Mayans about 2012. Yeah. Really! A Bad Moms' Christmas: Not as good as the first one but still has some good laughs! Films: 213 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 7 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 22