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  1. There are three certainties in life: 1) Death 2) Taxes 3) Ian will find a way to bring up me being bald in any opportunity. Be it a podcast segment or his sister's wedding speech - it'll be there!
  2. The triumphant Kevin Bishop episode, of course!
  3. Ma bad! Cool! Thanks for this!
  4. Never seen it! Hopefully to be rectified before the official call up to Flipchart Forums. Fucking WHAT?
  5. I only knew her from Arrested Development but good GOD is she awesome in that show. RIP.
  6. Many happy returns, boss!
  7. Yup. Winter Soldier is a worth runner up as a great movie but it starts the Cap x Buck angle that spoiled Cap 3/a lot of Phases 2&3 for me.
  8. Have chosen Cap. Perfect origins story told really well - you know everything Rogers holds dear within minutes and the character stays consistent throughout the rest of his films. Period setting is executed super well too. Thor 3 is fun but there's the continuity bug bares that stop me from loving it and GOTG is fab but suffers towards the end.
  9. Guardians did what Iron Man did in terms of bringing a previously low-profile story (to the layman) into consciousness. I do like a good film soundtrack (I like Edgar Wright films) and it's tons of fun. It's also one I'd be more likely to rewatch! I think Infinity War did a brilliant job tying a lot of stories together well and the action is incredible. Does it work as a stand-alone? God no - that's not its purpose. But as a singular film, and that is what the poll is, it is inferior to Guardians.
  10. For this choice I've had to think about what I prefer to see in an MCU film and I've gone with Iron Man. Main reason is that everything that came after IM in the Feige-verse stuck largely to this template/style/vision and upon rewatching a few months ago I recognised a lot of call backs that elevated it. I also appreciate that Iron Man works more as a standalone movie, whereas a lot of elements of Thor 3 rely on you knowing about the other films - something I'm not overly keen on. I like Thor: Ragnarok - it's come a long way from the originator of the MCU, is extremely pretty and a lot funnier than IM.