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  1. 1. Good on you, Don, get paid. 2. "Release the Snyder Cut" could have been a statement about how superhero movies have shifted further and further toward commerce and away from art in the ever-present balancing act for movies, but instead became the poster child for toxic fanboy entitlement. 3. I'm still glad Snyder is getting the opportunity to release his version.
  2. It doesn't look like anyone's brought up that Superman III has Superman polluting a motherfucking ocean to get laid.
  3. I have not stopped thinking about the delivery of "where's mah goddamn electric car" since I heard it. Whoever came up with this show's take on Gordon is a genius.
  4. Every clip I've seen of Harley Quinn has been amazing.
  5. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to reaping my AARP benefits.
  6. Best episode of the past two seasons, easily.
  7. Sivana having powers is dumb as hell.
  8. Funny to think about how big a deal as a kid the first animated movie was and now 20 years later here's the first live action one.
  9. The shot of Flareon is probably my favorite image that's come out.