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  1. Granted there has been two “theme years” where he doesn’t qualify, but just realizing that it’s been too long for Jack Nicholson not to have an episode centered around him!
  2. Now, how the Euro title goes from Triple H to Owen is worse than what happened with the HBK-HHH title switch though. I think Trips was legit injured, so a month later Owen defeats Goldust, who was mimicking Triple H, and gets awarded the belt based on Goldust’s “acting job”! Owen holds it until a few weeks before ‘Mania, and drops it to Hunter. Hunter defeats Owen at Mania, and holds the bell belt until dropping it to D-Lo Brown in July.
  3. FUCK! I forgot to post my “Smark trying too hard” story surrounding Kane’s debut! Okay, so Bad Blood is coming up, and I’m in college in Southern Connecticut, and channel surfing. I hit upon a local access cable channel as they have a guy talking wrestling in a call-in show format. Anyway, guessing who Kane was going to be was a question of the day, and a caller says “Diesel” To which the host asks “Which one? There’s been two of them.” In my head I’m thinking “Yeah, Kevin Nash, who was sidelined at the time, is going to jump on his very sweet contract with WCW, and return t
  4. You guys did gloss over some good titles though. Specifically Bingo Long where Pryor was a character based on the iconic Satchel Paige, and a dramatic turn for three standup legends with Redd Fox and Eddie Murphy, Harlem Nights
  5. Finger Poke of Doom is a much more egregious of a swerve, especially with the whole Hogan’s nWo vs Nash’s Wolfpac war that had been building to that expected crescendo for the better part of 1998. Throw in the onscreen dig at Mick Foley’s pre-tapped title win that was airing that night, and you have all the ingredients for one of the worst storyline moments in wrestling history. At least here it fit the characters they were portraying, and they did need to get the Euro title off of Shawn in a fashion that wouldn’t make you wonder “well, why the hell wouldn’t the guy go for the heavyw
  6. “what else comes out of the woodwork this year...” LOLOLOLOL! BTW, sadly I think this episode is it in terms of Austin-Rock. They do stuff in the Rumble, but don’t cross paths, interactions wise anyway, until the 1999 Rumble to set up the first Mania match between them.
  7. There is a Wrestling With Wregret YouTube video that was released this week that ranked Owen as one of the eight worst face turns ever. Pretty much because right after this everything went away. His target became Hunter due to Shawn’s politics, and he lost the Black Hart edge, probably due to heat with it being too similar to Austin’s gimmick.
  8. Bruno is from Pittsburgh, not Philly. WCW brought him in briefly due to his bitterly leaving the WWF.
  9. I’m in the pro-Jake camp as well. It helps that he had no interest in Star Fleet, and was never portrayed as a Mary-Sue like character, much the opposite over the years actually. It probably also helped that Cirroc Lofton was young enough early on that rules dictated that he couldn’t be used all that often, so in the first few seasons he was rarely seen and/or used as a central part to one of big storylines of an episode. Plus he has his own DS9 rewatch podcast!
  10. “Have we’ve met before!?” ”Yes. In battle at Wolf 359.” [Picard gives a “oh damn” look]
  11. I’m disappointed that my constant trolling has gone for naught, as there was no reference to the second 3MB member to get future endeavored and make it all the way back to win the WWE Heavyweight title during the lifespan of this podcast!
  12. Remember when Bret and Shawn did that hatchet burying segment when Bret returned to Raw in 2010. Thing I got a kick out of is, if you went back to Shawn’s heel promo in Montreal at the Go Home for the infamous Hogan SummerSlam match. Shawn tells the crowd that if he ever saw Bret again, he’d say right to his face “I SCREWED YOU! AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!” Then they did a fake out with Bret’s music blaring. Anyway, flash forward to the hatchet burying segment, Shawn unloads by saying he still thinks Bret, at the time, deserved what happened that night. Pretty much EXACTLY what S
  13. IIRC, pretty sure all “as it happened” reviews (I was even following someone that night, no recall of whom, was doing a “live blog” such as it was in 1997) that got posted that night and Monday mentioned how abrupt the PPV seem to just end with Shawn, Hunter and Brisco going through the curtain. Bret and the rest of the Harts in ring antics were mentioned as “After cameras went off the air” stuff, and stated as being from live reports.
  14. Footage of Bret spelling out W-C-W and N-W-O can be seen in the WWF “Lonely Road of Faith” Kid Rock video montage done early in 2002 (storyline Ric Flair produced it to warn Vince of the history that would crumble if he brought in Hogan and The Outsiders).
  15. Quick, WWE, rehire Heath Slater and slap the WWE Heavyweight Title on him...this podcast is less than ten episodes away from making it a reality that all three members of 3MB got fired, only to come back and win the company's big belt during the run of this podcast! =;) Sorry, had to keep the joke going.