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  1. Julie and Maria, I think this is from Julie’s early 1970s variety show
  2. I know it was an innocent mixup, but when segueing into Murder by Decree Pandy referred to Spock as "Doctor Spock." DOCTOR Spock is the very much deceased and renown pediatrician. MISTER Spock is the formal, non-rank referencing prefix for the very much fictional half-human/half-Vulcan science officer of the USS Enterprise! =;)
  3. You are better off not knowing
  4. You missed Liza’s turn in Muppets Take Manhattan! Her caricature is the one Kermit and the rats replace at that posh restaurant. Also disappointed, just a little, that Kevin Nash’s turn as a Wizard of Oz “themed” gimmick (very short lived), literally called Oz, in the early 1990s WCW was not mentioned!
  5. Would be a bit of an irony if future Oscar winner Liza Minnelli was the child Judy was nursing along in the spring of ‘55, but Liza was around 9-years old by then.
  6. Would Ernie Hudson or Harold Ramis have enough of a resume?
  7. As much fun as the Hook running gag is, wonder if any other film has four, or more, HAA subjects as major subjects of an ensemble, that hasn’t been featured on the podcast?
  8. Meet Me In St Louis A Star Is Born Judgement At Nuremberg
  9. Bit of a disservice to not mention Terry’s journey from RR time to this point as Chainsaw Charlie. Especially when it’s chronicled on Beyond The Mat. Essentially, Terry went back to ECW. Headlined their first PPV, Barely Legal on April 13th and won the title. He holds it until August, dropping it to Sabu, then has yet another ECW swan song at Hardcore Heaven, when Shane Douglas won a triple threat with Funk and Sabu. Which led to the ECW promoted Terry Funk’s Wrestlefest on September 11th, that was promised to be Funk’s retirement match, against WWF Champion Bret Hart! Mankind, yes despite the fact that Mick wrestled in ECW exclusively as Cactus Jack and “Mankind” is a WWF creation, also wrestled, defeating Sabu by DQ. Honestly, I wonder if “being another character” was Terry’s was of reconciling such a quick turnaround from a retirement. That it wasn’t “Terry Funk” helping Cactus out against The Outlaws. Eh, who knows.
  10. Granted there has been two “theme years” where he doesn’t qualify, but just realizing that it’s been too long for Jack Nicholson not to have an episode centered around him!
  11. Now, how the Euro title goes from Triple H to Owen is worse than what happened with the HBK-HHH title switch though. I think Trips was legit injured, so a month later Owen defeats Goldust, who was mimicking Triple H, and gets awarded the belt based on Goldust’s “acting job”! Owen holds it until a few weeks before ‘Mania, and drops it to Hunter. Hunter defeats Owen at Mania, and holds the bell belt until dropping it to D-Lo Brown in July.
  12. FUCK! I forgot to post my “Smark trying too hard” story surrounding Kane’s debut! Okay, so Bad Blood is coming up, and I’m in college in Southern Connecticut, and channel surfing. I hit upon a local access cable channel as they have a guy talking wrestling in a call-in show format. Anyway, guessing who Kane was going to be was a question of the day, and a caller says “Diesel” To which the host asks “Which one? There’s been two of them.” In my head I’m thinking “Yeah, Kevin Nash, who was sidelined at the time, is going to jump on his very sweet contract with WCW, and return to his old place of employment to portray a character that is pretty much just going to be canon fodder for The Undertaker!”
  13. You guys did gloss over some good titles though. Specifically Bingo Long where Pryor was a character based on the iconic Satchel Paige, and a dramatic turn for three standup legends with Redd Fox and Eddie Murphy, Harlem Nights
  14. Finger Poke of Doom is a much more egregious of a swerve, especially with the whole Hogan’s nWo vs Nash’s Wolfpac war that had been building to that expected crescendo for the better part of 1998. Throw in the onscreen dig at Mick Foley’s pre-tapped title win that was airing that night, and you have all the ingredients for one of the worst storyline moments in wrestling history. At least here it fit the characters they were portraying, and they did need to get the Euro title off of Shawn in a fashion that wouldn’t make you wonder “well, why the hell wouldn’t the guy go for the heavyweight title instead!?”