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  1. Marvel Premiere #28: read this to follow along on the Defenders Dialogue podcast. Good bronze age monster stuff. Houdini Master Detective #1: pass Incursion #3: such a great story. Loving it. Eternal Warrior is probably my favourite comic book character not from the Big Two. Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1: pass Meet the Skulls #3, 4: it's an easy high concept idea The Americans, but instead of Russians, they're Skrulls...and the kids are agents too. Solid idea, pulled off well. Offbeats #1:really not good. Issues: 242 Trades: 14 Omnibus: 14 Graphic Novel: 14
  2. Mr. Mercedes is pretty great. Almost done season one and I can't really see it ending the storyline there. Kind of wondering how they're going to extend the plot of the novel through another season.
  3. Jakob's Wife/Nothing Bad Can Happen: reviews forthcoming Features: 93 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 17 Rewatches: 1
  4. Hey, that's cool, congrats. Great company. Jason is good people.
  5. Such sad news. I was thinking just the other day about how he'd be my pick to be High Evolutionary in the MCU.
  6. So, I've since watched the first three seasons of SLASHER on Netflix (season 4 debuting now on Shudder but for some reason I can't access the videos). I've rewatched all of SEINFELD. It doesn't entirely hold up, but it is basically a snapshot of the 90s. That all said: Dreyfus, Alexander and Richards are three of the greatest comedic actors of all-time. They're amazing on that show. I watched season two of Making a Murderer. I don't know exactly what to think, but I do know that if I'm ever imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit, I'd want Zellner helping me. Let's not fool anybody, if I go to jail it's because I definitely did the crime. I also watched all of Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. which was delightfully stupid. One of my favourite Marvel shows. Maybe the best of all the Disney ones. What If? is something I'm watching as it releases and I have enjoyed each episode to a degree, but I haven't seen anything that really captures the spirit of WI? yet. I think that catches me up on everything.
  7. Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American:An outdoor comedy special filmed during COVID. He's funny. It gets a little old near the end seeing as every story is structured the same. I wish there were some "jokes," TBH. Still good. The Guest: rewatched a favourite with my girlfriend tonight. This is one of my top 50. The script, the pacing, the camera movement, the score, the acting, the bald brutality. An absolute banger. Untold: Malice at the Palace: this is a new Netflix sports docuseries of films. I couldn't give a shit about sports, but I can eat sports docs all day long. I almost did it today! This one is fantastic. Great compelling interviews and shocking footage that has never been shown in its entirety. Good shit. Untold: Crimes and penalties: It's funny, I'd heard ALL about Jimmy Galante in a bunch of true crime I've read and watched over the years, but I had ZERO idea that he owned a minor hockey team. What a bunch of fucking goombas in this. Compelling watching as well. Almost the complete opposite of MITP because you basically hate everyone interviewed in this one. Kid 90: Soleil Moon Frye apparently documented her entire teenagehood. It's wild to watch. I really relate to this. There's probably hours of footage of me just like this shit out there. I hope it's destroyed. But still. Teared up by the end of this one. Contender for the end of the year list. Time to watch the Val Kilmer one next. Features: 91 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 17 Rewatches: 1
  8. The first 19 pages are fully coloured, and then the rest is basically black and white with single accents and the occasional single coloured PANEL. It's very odd. No story reason why, either.
  9. Fallen World #1: I'm digging this. Guardians of the Galaxy #4: really good still. Savage Dragon #258, 259: it's in a bit of a transition phase right now, but damn, I want to write North Force. Sunstone Mercy Vol 7: one of the more, ahem, graphic, of volumes. Still so great. Dega: a short graphic novel I kickstarted from Dan McDaid It's petty good. Only partially coloured. I don't quite get that. Issues: 235 Trades: 14 Omnibus: 14 Graphic Novel: 14
  10. The Sandlot: I watch this every couple years because the kids like it. It's also my dad's favourite movie. Amazing Spider-man: not as bad as it gets painted. Even the Lizard stuff is great up to the final act. Name a superhero movie that doesn't go to shit in the third act. There's very few of them. Features: 90 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 1
  11. Hmmm...I totally thought I'd added a bunch I clearly did not. I think I'm forgetting one. The Suicide Squad: I thought this was excellent. I think it could have been a perfect film if they cut about fifteen minutes from the middle. This managed to have the feel of the original title dripping from it. I hope Gunn makes another of these, but I'm currently excited for the Peacemaker series. Chyna: If you don't know, A manager and documentary crew were filming a doc about bringing Chyna back to America and prominence, but really they just turned out to be exploitative, manipulative enabling scumbags. Someone else has managed to get all that footage and sprinkle it with interviews (her mother, her sister, Billy Gunn and Mick Foley) that tell the story of her life. It paints her as a very tragic figure, and she is. But a lot of it is really hard to watch. Superdeep/Mystics in Bali/Inhuman Kiss/Junkrat Train/Blood Red Sky/HP Lovecraft's The Unnamable: reviews forthcoming Features: 88 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 1
  12. So the Punisher season 2 finale is a piece of work. It's almost essentially 50-odd minutes fight scenes and killing. It's what one expects of Punisher. That said, it feels a lot more like an edgy Person of Interest spinoff (which I thought in season one, but season two quickly and shortly introduces a white supremacist character played by a main actor from POI). I'm not a super macho nut job, but Punisher DOES NOT CRY. Punisher DOES NOT BANG SINGLE MOMS. Punisher is NOT HAUNTED BY BAD DREAMS. This show gets so much of the character wrong, but it does because it's nigh-impossible to do a 13 episode season of a character who is built solely for movies. That all said: Billy Russo is one of the MCU's best villains. To refrain from spoilers, I just wish he looked different in season two. Oh yeah, I feel like it isn't a spoiler to say that the final image and dedication of the finale made me laugh out loud. It's the most crazy-ass looking Punisher moment of the entire series. Just Punisher gunning dudes down and giving a war cry (I also don't think Punisher gives a war cry). Cut to black screen: "In Loving Memory of Stan Lee." Fucking hilarious.
  13. First episode of season 2 of The Punisher and he's boning a single mom. *eye roll* Still, Shooter Jennings appears and performs like six almost full songs.
  14. The Forgotten Queen #1: Goddamn. Valiant really likes to tell the kind of stories I like to tell. The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #1: I guess, see above. The Punisher #9: still so great. Uncanny X-Men Winter's End #1: I did not like the art in this. The story was inconsequential but fine. Cruel Summer & Bad Weekend: Look, I don't dig the new branding of Criminal at Image. Can we please AT LEAST have "Criminal vol #: Cool Name?" Uncanny X-Men #14:wow...while Age of X is going on the flagship title is going through some Chuck Austen shit... Vampirella Vs. Re-Animator #3: this is pretty bad Wolverine Infinity Watch #2: this is really fun Wolverine The Long Night #3: this is fucking great. Wyrd #2: just not engaged here. I'm out. X-23 #10: I like the characters. The plot is pretty decent. I just can't get past the art. I know there's only two more issues in this run left, but I can't be bothered. Just looks like something a teenager draws when they should be paying attention in class. X-Force #3, 4: This is a fun and interesting arc. Great cliffhanger. Infinity Gauntlet: This still has to be the best "event comic." Six issues, self-contained, spanning the entire universe and separate pantheons and pretty much every popular hero at the time dies in the fourth issue. Imagine someone like George Perez drawing three issues of a series and having someone finishing the other three for him today! Imagine the controversy! Imagine it's even better looking. Man, Ron Lim is a champion. Daredevil #3: this is fucking great. I didn't see that end coming. Im intrigued. But it definitely needs to end properly and I don't think Marvel has the balls to do it right. Dial H For Hero #1: pass. Fantastic Four #8: I mean, this may as well be a Doctor Doom series but I'm loving it. Freedom Fighters #4: I gave this a long rope because I love this property and the premise, but it just refuses to stop being so so mediocre. GI Joe Sierra Muerte #2: do I need an early 2000s homage to 80s indie comic art version of GI Joe? Turns out, no. Heroes in Crisis #7: as of everything, I'm of two minds on this series. I'll explain when I've finished. Hulkverines #2: fucking great. Ice Cream Man #11: this was nice and fucked up. Age of X-Man Prisoner X #2: still good. Bronze Age Boogie #1: very fun backup story, but the main story was terrible. Captain America #9:liking the story but not the art. Conan the Barbarian #5: this was excellent. Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #2: too goofy. I'm out. Major X #1: Jesus Christ Rob Liefeld! His art CAN be great. His up close work on faces, I kind of enjoy at times. I really enjoy the classic Cable look he gives him here. He tries his best two write Deadpool(s) and it isn't good. I like his lean short Wolverine even though he draws him as an atrocity on the cover for the next issue. For that reason, I'm out. Marvel Comics Presents #3: not the best. Marvel Team Up #1: I have yet to read a Ms. Marvel story I like. And I don't like this treatment on Spider-Man or the storytelling here. I'm out. Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1: not for me. Snap Flash Hustle #2: yeah, the shine is off. Stone Star #1: not for me. Suicide Squad Black Files #6: same story for the whole series. The Katana story sucks (because Katana sucks) but the magical one is great. I'd love to write Suicide Squad Black. Superior Spider-Man #4: I am really enjoying this. The Forgotten Queen #2: fun. The Punisher #10: still so damned good. Uncanny X-Men #15: ok, I haven't been enjoying this arc up until now. Robinsonia: an erotic european redo of Robinson Crusoe. It's particularly racist. another addition: War of the Realms #1: ok, this is fucking fun. War of the Realms Journey into Mystery #1: also fun to slightly lesser extent. X-Force #5: the quality is slipping here. Age of X-Man Next Gen #3: look, in this kind of story, the biggest cliche is the "guy who knows how the world should be," but as cliched as that idea is, this series is pulling it off really well. Age of X-Man The Amazing Nightcrawler #3: still fun. Assassin Nation #2: I mean, I'll give it one more. Daredevil #4: I'm such a mark for Punisher and Daredevil stories. Hard Time: The Complete Series: Brian Hurtt's art is fantastic. One of Steve Gerber's final works in the industry. Mostly written from outlines by Mary Skrenes as he was too ill. A lovely story that they had to sum up 49 years of in the final issue which works at least better than that final issue of Y The Last Man. Nailbiter Returns: great! Love this series. Glad it's continuing Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of Comics: nothing in here that isn't better covered in Evanier's book, but If you need more pictures to read, this will do. Avengers/Defenders Tarot: when I heard Alan Davis was involved, I jumped immediately I wasn't aware he was writing and not drawing. The art is ok, but you can really tell it was written by Davis, because it has the feels of something he'd really want to draw. Lots of hero cameos, obscure villains and a fun alternate reality character design. Captain America Epic Collection Monsters and Men: I'm glad they turned Scarecrow into a more sadistic villain. A bankroller with his gimmick is stupid. First Jack Monroe as Nomad here, sci that's kind of fun. DeMatteis' run is fun but holds no candle to Gruenwald's. Lots of great Zeck covers. But his interiors make Cap look like a big doofus. Like Moose from Archie. Blacksad: I'd read two of these stories when they first came out. Only one of them was in english. These were hard to find back in the day, but they are beautiful. Issues: 231 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 14 Graphic Novel: 13
  15. The Rental: what is two acts of a kind-of compelling psychosexual thriller devolves into a third rate slasher. Girlfriend also like Dan Stevens, so we're going to watch The Guest next. \m/ Features: 81 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1