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  1. Skull: The Mask: I have a podcast recording today and while I watched this a few weeks ago, I had almost entirely forgot about it. Rewatch #1 of the year. Freaky: wow! What a dumb kids movie premise perfectly transported to the horror genre and carried by two amazing lead performances. Great movie. I'm a simple man, but Vince Vaughn running like a teenage girl made me laugh every fucking time. Features: 78 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 1
  2. Fear Street Part Three 1666: what an interesting little series. It works as an homage to several things, but manages to be its own kind of animal. A slasher movie really hits differently when you give a shit about the characters is the real lesson this trilogy brings me. Features: 77 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 0
  3. Yeah, it's rough. But I'll watch Tiny Lister in anything.
  4. The Gift: I had never seen this before, and Stacy and I wanted something light to watch in the hotel room. Edgerton (who directs, writes and produces this as well) is compelling as the creepy stalker. Jason Bateman is good too. Solid thriller. Get Out: Oldest wanted to rewatch this with me when his brother was at work so we did. Still a great movie, but it shows its cracks a little in the rewatches. US is still a far better film. Predator: watched this with the boys. They both fell asleep. Losers. This is both a pretty great action movie and a pretty great monster movie. It's a unique experience. The last act is incredible. Fear Street Part One: 1994: I guess it's time for my 90s nostalgia coming of age horror story. Fear Street Part Two 1978: a wonderful homage of the summer camp horror subgenre. Plenty of Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th (especially part 2 of both of those...huh...just realized that). Can't wait to watch the third one. Andre The Giant: finally watched this HBO doc. It was really well-done. Focused on his career because it was the sports division of HBO that put this together and I'm glad. Man, seeing Andre in the 70s is a sight to behold. Features: 76 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 0
  5. I quit watching Preacher after season 1 because I didn't have cable. I've since watched all of season 2 and a chunk of season 3 in the past ten days and am loving it.
  6. Black Hammer '45 #1: I was really interested in checking this out, but the lettering is so precious and ridiculous that it's hard to read. I'm 41. I can't do the whole writing in upper and lower case with loopy stylized writing thing even with glasses. It's a bummer, because... Black Hammer Age of Doom #8,9: This universe is great and I love exploring it. Black Widow #3: ehhh...it's alright. Sarvane: the Secret of Gor: the second volume of Sarvane by Trillo and Bernet. It's a better story for sure than the first one. Calamity Kate #1: Definitely not my bag Captain America #8: Coates' story is unfolding SUPER SLOWLY. There are elements I enjoy, but they're few and far between. I'll give it another issue or two. Conan The Barbarian #4: the best issue of the series thus far. I love the episodic nature of this. And I have always loved the idea of King Conan. Very Odyssean. Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1: not bad Criminal #3: Loving this. Daredevil #2: Thankfully I haven't been spoiled on this, but I really hope that they don't swerve this. This is a story that needs to be told straight. DD is the perfect character to go through it. Dark Red #1: interesting political horror. I'll try more. Dead Man Logan #5: this is great Doomsday Clock #9: this is the first issue that felt like filler. Though there was a JLI vibe in it that I appreciated. How often do you get to see Guy Gardner in the greater DCU let alone the tentpole multiverse things? Fantastic Four #7: So many writers slip into "Dr. Doom is the fucking greatest" when doing their FF runs. Who can blame them? I'd do it too. It's true. Freedom Fighters #3: ooh, this kind of sucked. I'll give it one more to get back on track. GI Joe Silent Option #4: this was an ok miniseries, but when you go for a small Joe team it feels really weird to include both Snake Eyes. Guardians of the Galaxy #3: still really good. I missed the thing where the Sh'iar are a cult now, but whatever. Heroes In Crisis #6: This was a dud Ice Cream Man #10: the first one of these I've been ho-hum about. Incursion #2: Here we go! This is fucking rad. Invaders #2: another bit of a dud. Justice League Dark #9: was I in a really bad mood when I read these? Little Birds #1: not my thing. Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1: I've liked this character in Champions, but this isn't for me. Marvel Comics Presents #2: the Wolverine story is pretty great. The Mr. Fantastic Story is entirely forgettable. The Gorilla Man one wasn't great, but I enjoyed it. Marvels Annotated #2: Look, this was alright, but I don't know if it deserves all the kudos it gets. Meet the Skulls #1, 2: not a bad little side chunk of the MCU. I dug these. Morning In America #1: I couldn't tell you word one about this book. Not good. Completely forgettable. Murder Falcon #6: it's a bit bullshit to introduce a cool new character and kill him in the next, but I love this series. Obey Me #0: almost unreadable. Old Man Quill #3: still really fun. Loving the art in this. Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #2: a character with HUGE potential that is not done well here. Prison Witch #1: Not for me Stronghold #2: this was quite cool. I dug it. This is sci fi, so I'm not entirely anti-sci-fi comics! Suicide Squad Black Files #5: the Katana story is still boring AF to me. I used Kobra way better in my fan-fi! Haha! The second feature is still great. Superior Spider-Man #3: not bad. I liked it. The Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight #1: not bad. Swamp Thing by Nancy A. Collins Omnibus: for such a relatively obscure character, Swamp Thing is maybe second to only Daredevil for creator runs that can be considered definitive. Wein/Wrightson, Moore/Bissette, Morrison/Millar/Hester and Collins/Eaton. The wildness calms in a way from the Millar Hester stuff and settles into a Southern Bayou Gothic story that slowly ratchets up the insanity. Great stuff. Issues: 188 Trades: 8 Omnibus: 12 Graphic Novel: 10
  7. True Detective season 3 WRECKED me. Wow. It's easily the best season of the show. Mahershala Ali is incredible. So is Dorff, Scoot McNairy and Carmen Ejogo (who I've never seen before and was completely enchanted by).
  8. Loki is easily the worst of the MCU TV stuff. Ugh.
  9. The Punisher #8: still great. Uncanny X-Men #12: this is a weird issue. Not sure what's going on here other than everybody else being in an alternate reality. Wolverine Infinity Watch #1: this was fun. Wonder Twins #1: hard pass. Zodiac #1: a hero inside the GFT universe. Not great but decent. I'll pass on the rest. Age of Conan: Belit, Queen of the Black Coast #1: I probably wouldn't follow through on this, but I'll keep reading as a WIP I'm doing is a woman pirate. Age of X-Man Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1: this is pretty fun. For some reason this reality shuns love and physical contact, so the ultimate villain is a hippie Apocalypse who preaches love and acceptance. Age of X-Man: Next Gen #2: pretty good. A bit of a slip from the first issue. Age of X-Man Prisoner X #1: Bishop in jail. Decent first issue. Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #2: a definite slip from the first issue. Age of X-Man: The Marvellous X-Men #2: the other side of the Apocalypse debate. I really have no idea what's going on here, but I kind of love it. Age of X-Man: The X-Tremists #1, 2: this one I'm not the biggest fan of. Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep #2:this is pretty bland. I'm gonna pass on the rest. Asgardians fo the Galaxy #7: this was fun. Assassin Nation #1: decent first issue. Issues: 148 Trades: 8 Omnibus: 11 Graphic Novel: 9
  10. Finished Homecoming season 2. What a great show. I hope they end it there. I don't see going anywhere that won't be cliche after this. Finished Lucifer season 5 with the girlfriend. It's about as lacklustre as the show usually is, but I did not expect them to go where they went. Season 6 should be interesting. Four episodes into The Kominsky Method and I've cried at every episode. It's also a great comedy and a blast to see Douglas and Arkin with each other. Nancy Travis is great too. Started Black Summer despite it being a zombie show. We'll see. One episode in and (other than the fractured storytelling) it's pretty bog standard. I'll give it another spade or two before deciding.
  11. Rogue State #1: the art is definitely not for me. Savage Sword of Conan #1: the second series Marvel started. This was good, but I think I'm passing. Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1: terrible Shatterstar #5: what a great ending. Great little miniseries. Most people didn't give it a shot because the character is the worst. But he's actually quite great in this. Stronghold #1: intriguing The Last Space Race #3: yeah, this is not good. Sarvane vol 1: a halfway decent erotic fantasy/sci fi GN elevated by Jordi Bernet's art. DC's 1st Issue Specials:This collects all 13 1st Issue Specials. I've written about the three by Kirby before. I really loved The Creeper (and I don't usually like Ditko), Metamorpho (I could look at Ramona Fradon's art all day) and, surprisingly, Lady Cop. It's a weird one. It feels like it was cropped to fit the page count. Like there are missing pages. But the idea is cool and the character is great. I've never even HEARD of The Outsiders before (not the Batman team, this is about circus freaks) and it's as awful as Starman. The Green Team is the most ridiculous idea ever for a title. I'll talk about Gerry Conway's New Gods in 3...2...1... New Gods by Gerry Conway: sigh...the superheroification of the New Gods. It's a little brutal to read at times. While I disagree with a lot of the art choices (who decided to color Kalibak purple with dark blue clothes?), but Don Newton penciled so many of these issues it should say "by Gerry Conway and Don Newton." Newton's artwork is stellar. So is Rich Buckler's. The crossover with the JLA and JSA is pretty solid though. Wolverine by Claremont and Miller: this is good shit. Say what you like about either of those guys, but this miniseries is fantastic. Also, the Uncanny issues where they go to Japan for Logan's wedding are great. Beautiful stuff. Warlock by Jim Starlin The Complete Collection: this collects all the 70s stuff with Adam Warlock. Spectacular. Starlin LOVED his LSD and this really shows it. Haha! Some of these issues, Starlin wrote, drew, inked and coloured. The Flash by Mark Waid vol 7: man, this is getting really rough. Is there one more to come? Two? The quality of this part of the run is really testing my obsessive collector's mentality. Deadly Class vol 9: this book is still excellent. Issues: 132 Trades: 8 Omnibus: 11 Graphic Novel: 9
  12. Back to normal for me! Thanks!