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  1. Spiral -- This is perhaps the best film of the Saw franchise, which is not a very high bar. It did have one laugh-out-loud line, which we will get to later. A basic problem here is that the first seven movies did attempt to tell one continuous story. This one, like Jigsaw (Saw 8) in 2017, breaks that mold and leaves a lot of threads hanging. Where is Dr. Gordon? Did Hoffman actually die in that bathroom? Who are the other two pig-mask people we see at the end of Saw 7? What happened to Logan, who took up the mantle as Jigsaw III in the 2017 movie? That movie ended on a cliffhanger. Is Logan somewhere killing people offscreen? Spiral completely abandons the notion of the Jigsaw Cult we saw in the last movie, which was an interesting concept. There is an online community of Jigsaw fans that are fascinated by his traps and overall philosophy. It would have been better to go the route of "New Nightmare" where this takes place in our world with a killer inspired by the Saw movies. Then you do not have multiple hanging plot threads that were never resolved. It would not make much sense to have the tapes and videos be in Tobin Bell's voice, but the movie does lose a lot of atmosphere by not having that deep voice accompany the deathtraps. Now we move into spoilers. Once again, this franchise tries to be too smart by half. In fact, there is no reason this needed to be set in the Saw universe at all. It has no connection to the rest of the movies, and no character returns. It probably would have been a better movie, even with the nonsensical final reveal, had it not been connected to the Saw franchise.
  2. Very cool, @The Master! https://twitter.com/earth_2/status/1419042079989276675
  3. Hobbs and Shaw: I could tell 10 minutes in that my nitpicking brain was going to be firing like crazy the entire time I was watching this. How did this series get so far from illegal street racing? I have seen none of the others. This is my first Fast & Furious movie. In a flashback Shaw and his sister are shown to be a couple years apart, yet the actress playing Shaw's sister is 21 years younger than Jason Statham. Could they not get an actress maybe a little bit closer to him in age? Math is hard, I guess. This was two hours and 17 minutes. They could have very easily chopped 30-45 minutes off the runtime without taking anything away from the story. This did not need to be more than 90 or 100 minutes.
  4. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the help. :-)
  5. Thanks guys. Do the apps mentioned above allow you to pick up where you left off if you need to take a break? Some of the podcasts I have are pretty long.
  6. Question for Android users: Is there a podcast app that allows you to load old MP3 files as a podcast? I have a bunch of MP3 files saved on my computer (including a bunch of Earth-2 podcasts) and it would be nice to listen on my phone in a podcast app.
  7. Shadow in the Cloud: Very interesting filming choice for a large part of the movie, with Chloe Grace Moretz alone in a very confined space. Overall, worth watching, even if Maude Garrett is a Mary Sue.
  8. I haven't kept a running total, so that's out for 2021. Anyway: Superman: Red Son - Very different in a couple plot points from the graphic novel... which I can't include because I can't find the spoiler button. The Luthor/Superman relationship was compressed from the comic version. Still worth watching, but if you can only pick the movie or the graphic novel, pick the graphic novel. Domestic Disturbance - I meant to watch this when I saw the trailer in 2001. Finally got around to it, and it is... OK. The movie does not technically fall into the "There Are No Police" trope, but the police are so incompetent that they might as well not be there.
  9. When Earth-2 started, the 17 year cicadas were active. Now they are back.
  10. LOL I still think @Dan and I jointly hold the "old man" title on this forum though.
  11. I agree with this Tweet. https://twitter.com/earth_2/status/1402075911265165313 There have been tag matches that have main evented some of the other "big four" shows - I am specifically thinking of Hogan's matches at SummerSlam - but WWE needs to build up the tag division to actually mean something first. Having two sets of tag belts does not help this effort.
  12. Recently started watching Invincible on Amazon Prime. Digging it so far.
  13. Spiral (Saw 9) just came out, and I am now seeing these ads on Facebook. Um, no thanks.
  14. No need to defend it. We like what we like. If I like X movie or book or game and someone else doesn't (or vice versa) we're both right because it is completely subjective.
  15. One of the things I really liked about Marvel Handbook is how they tried to ground it in the real world with pseudo-scientific explanations of how things worked. Dan and Mike gushed about how cool it was, but it also makes the Marvel characters seem "real" in a way the DC characters did not. Plus, it inspired who knows how many people to want to get into comics. The Silver Centurion armor is what Stark was wearing when I really got into Iron Man, so that one will always be special for me.