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  1. Since I could not create a link in the previous post, here's the URL to "There are no police." https://tranquiltirades.fandom.com/wiki/There_Are_No_Police
  2. I finished the entire third season of Cobra Kai. General thoughts: There’s a level of violence that is expected in a show about karate fights, and then there’s the point where the cops show up and everyone goes to jail. This season went well beyond that. It's almost like there are no police! Now on to spoilers. This show has become stupid. Entertaining, but stupid. Don't get me wrong, I love the show. I highly recommend it. But Season 3 is nowhere near as good as the first two seasons.
  3. Karate Kid III: Another movie where clear communication would solve a relationship problem, something that continues into Cobra Kai series. Had Daniel simply explained what was going on - that a group of criminals was threatening to murder Daniel and gang rape his female friend unless he entered the tournament - much of the conflict between him and Miyagi could have been resolved. Also, buying a gun could help. After what happened at the ocean, put a bullet in Mike Barnes and his friends the next time they show up to attack Daniel. Justifiable homicide, in self defense and defense of
  4. If See No Evil, Hear No Evil was made today, there's one scene in particular that would need to be removed - Richard Pryor forcibly groping Joan Severance. Yeah, um... sexual assault is not funny. I didn't think it was it particularly funny in 1989 either, when I was 15 years old. It was kinda uncomfortable. It was kinda nice to see Richard Pryor worrying about what "the guys at the club" would say when he discovers he is not white... when the clear implication is that the guys are perfectly happy with having a black man in the club. Great episode, BTW.
  5. The Karate Kid, Part II: Just how dumb is Daniel when he doesn’t realize a storm moving in is dangerous? Especially when people have told him about dangerous storms and he read a book about Okinawa? Daniel certainly grew as a character. Much of the conflict with Johnny was initiated by Daniel in the first movie, while Daniel actively tried to avoid conflict with Chozen. I really hope we get to see Johnny vs Chozen in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. Films watched: 42
  6. Regarding Mike's post on Twitter ... https://twitter.com/earth_2/status/1341218528691691520 I always thought it was to draw distinctions with the heroes. Contrasting primary colors of red, blue and yellow with purple, green and orange.
  7. I chuckled at @The Master's tweet, even though I fully sympathize with his mini-rant. You know, it's funny, all of my life I have felt the pressure to go into work when sick - stuff has to get done. That has totally flipped in 2020. Now, the policy at my job is that if you're symptomatic with anything, they want you to stay home. I'm glad I now have the option to work from home, when we do go back to normal and are in the office. Interestingly enough, 2020 has probably been the best year for me, healthwise, since before I had cancer in the mid 1990's. Not kidding.
  8. I liked The Last Stand. It has flaws, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as it has been hyped to be.
  9. Please bring Ian and @James D. along for that one.
  10. Not as entertaining as the takedowns of the Saw series on Earth-2 The Show, but Jigsaw as an ECW fan on We Hate Movies was hilarious.
  11. Earthbound. Man this game requires a lot of grinding. I'm about to go to Threed.
  12. The New Mutants: There's nothing in this film to tie it to the X-Men, except for two lines in the middle. That was the right choice, because the X-Men timeline is incomprehensible at this point. I liked it. The horror theme worked well. A much better choice for the final entry in the X-Men franchise than Dark Phoenix. Films Watched: 41
  13. It is also misogynistic. The use of rape as a plot device in these movies is horrifying, and Kersey’s love interest and her daughter both exist for the sole purpose of being killed. Women in refrigerators anyone?
  14. I was probably being way too kind. But it's not just racism. It is complete disregard for due process and civil rights. I'm stopping before I rant.
  15. Interesting. I was listening while washing dishes and it stuck out. I don’t think I have ever listened to Bigger on the Inside, as I have never watched Dr. Who. I did have a Dr. Who Make Your Own Adventure book about 30 years ago. I have always meant to watch it but never got around to it. I think I’ve heard you use that word on Earth-2: The Show, on the Halloween 2007 review and the Saw VI review. Different editorial decisions for different podcasts, or site-wide now? I am fine with it. Just curious.