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  1. Big bump but I think I can close the thread on this: My first work on this website was posted closer to my date of birth than to today.
  2. The warnings just started again for me. Is there any progress on this?
  3. No idea if it will sell but if you still have a VHS deck and want to grab some very very good out of print indy wrestling from 2005 for a good price you can't do much better. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184860120520
  4. RIP to the man, never really spoke with the guy but enjoyed him on BitD.
  5. I'm getting new Security Warnings popping up when trying to access the forums. Any updates on this?
  6. It's felt like the long term plan was to move Cody heel. Personally count me as a fan of the TNT title runs he's had.
  7. Especially when there's a great alternative like AEW going on right now.
  8. We did a bunch of episodes in a fairly short period of time since our schedules freed up a lot following the pandemic situation starting. We actually have recorded everything through Week 52 already.
  9. There is no underselling of how important the first Griffin/Bonnar fight was in the history of MMA in the west. By no means the best technical fight but just 3 rounds of guts and will.
  10. I assume that's as common in Chicago as -40 and snow are in Manitoba. In reality I have so many questions...do people just not care about that sort of thing or did someone in your family know them? Have I got myself marked for death by asking?
  11. I tend to think I have a pretty good memory for things like this. I have no recollection of that at all.