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  1. i am thinking of the resident evil movies. from the first to retribution. i am hoping to hear what made the movies go wrong? even though i enjoy the films.
  2. maybe having Mastodon do the score with the composer for this movie of jonah hex, sounds like a solid idea. i will hope that Mastodon can do a western vibe for the movie because it takes place in the old west.
  3. i did not do the family studies in high school, but my classmates did. and i see them with flour sacks that they have to take care as part of the studies on how to be parents thing. so i was the only one who did not do it.
  4. i admit on apocalypse now episode is brilliant done, because i did saw mister miracle with new genesis and also the episode is dedicated to the great jack kirby and never forgotten the words at the end called long live the king. and jack kirby is the king of comics
  5. i can't wait to see the astro boy movie. i waited a long time for that movie
  6. i agree. i read on, that kevin conroy will do the voice of batman and bruce wayne just like the batman animated series.
  7. i enjoy those episodes, monkey fun is kind of an homage to the 60s superman cartoon where superman fights a chimpanzee tha turn big from the kryptonite meteor and uraniam asteroid when they collide. and the capsule was spinning around from the shock waves. except the chimpanzee did not fire kryptonite beams from its eyes in this episode, but it is a good homage. ghost in the machine is also good because i enjoy brainiac and also the brave new metroplis does show about superman because of the philosopher once said something about superman. fathers days is also great because i enjoy darkseid in this series and micahel ironside is the best person to play darkseid.
  8. that is true. the line that superman said to lois in the elevator is true because i heard christopher reeve say that in superman 2 and i enjoy that line. makes me think back when i was a kid watching the superman films
  9. can't wait for iron man. got the comic books of iron man as well.
  10. it will be cool when november 24 comes, it is my birthday and i hope for any podcasts at that month :laugh:
  11. i still got world's finest podcast on itunes. so i will get a chance to download it when it is time.
  12. i waited my whole life for another hulk movie and iron man to be out in theatres
  13. i agree. i can't wait for another podcasts of the dcau. ever since i saw batman the animated series, i was thrilled and since then i finally got all the box sets of the dcau series and i enjoy it.