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  1. I'd gladly be playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band if you could find EITHER anywhere. And I'm calling bullshit and staggering the release of single instrument bundles. Stupid.

    And Q you're in the top 100 cause theres only 200 copies of the game in the world ;). Kidding of course. That's awesome.

    As for me, bit of Forza 2 now and then and some Halo 3.

    Sad part is I've been playing mostly E4. Such an addictive little game.

  2. A point you make clear at every turn you can. How you think they can just cut out one of the biggest members of the JLA and not have a huge backlash I don't know.

    Quite frankly I think Batman is a great leader when need be. The clash of his personality and the other members of the group is one of the main reasons I ever got into JLA. It's a great foil to the other members and causes a lot more depth than just "we're all super friends who all get along!".