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  1. Ive always liked Oracle. If she comes back, that's dumb as shit.
  2. Day one purchase for me. Hamil is bringing the goods too.
  3. Blane

    Battle for the Cowl

    Damien as Robin pisses me off beyond words. His character is intolerable and I can not fathom why Dick would let him be Robin.
  4. Yea except all the demo videos I've seen make it look like a dumb third person button masher...which really doesn't do much for me. I want some stealth play and such as well.
  5. I think I may finally have an idea to start my first podcast...
  6. Blane

    Final Fantasy X and X-2

    Eh I think I'll elect to hit up Left 4 Dead rather than drag myself through 8 hours of Yuna wining. Or whoever that summoner bitch was.
  7. Blane

    Final Fantasy X and X-2

    I never got to finish FF-X. I got fairly deep and lost my save and have never gone back. I keep meaning to but never repurchase the game.
  8. Not everyone to have the same FaceYourManga avatars.
  9. This reminds me that James was supposed to draw me up a tattoo years ago and never did. I blame you for the 13.5 hours I spent for The Joker piece. The 45 minute cross I wanted would of been a lot cheaper and less painful
  10. I read a fair bit of ultimate spidey and it never came off as "real". It seemed to be more a stereotype than an actual real teenager.
  11. Thanks everybody. Funny story about this James. He has gone out in the past 3 games of Madden. I had to replay a Steelers game about 20 times because each game he was getting injured. I finally beat them and then get to the next game against the Redskins. Up 7 about a minute left in the 1st quarter, he goes down again. It's always for just a quarter or two but it is infuriating.
  12. Oh please do. I'd love to have my round on that one.
  13. You mean someone on comic forum came and argued semantics about a comic book character and it's depiction? Surely you all jest.
  14. I shit you not... I was just dealt another Royal flush....this time I flopped it right off the bat. Total payout: 80 cents. I quit poker.
  15. I just hit a royal fucking flush at a 5 cent 10 cent poker table and only won 25 cents from it...
  16. I still don't get it. Why do you care if he releases a dvd for his fanbase? What harm is it doing for him to make money? I generally dismiss anyone who uses the term "sold out" anyway. There is nothing objectionable to making money in the world in my eyes. If you don't dig the dvd you don't have to buy it. I fail to see what the issue is.
  17. It's confirmed. And I actually prefer Evening Harder. It's a bit more serious but you learn more about the flicks and things. Edit: And what's wrong with him releasing it? If it makes him money why wouldn't he keep doing them?
  18. I've added the 2+2 pokercast to my list. I say this cause I'm steaming over a stupid call and this is my break to keep from tilting..
  19. *shrug* I guess I'm alone in being excited for this. 1Up Yours was very skeptical to begin with and they seem to have been turned around. I've enjoyed Deadly Alliance and the other past couple MK's I've played so I'll pick the game up on the cheap at some point just to play as the Joker.
  20. Those first two pics of the riddler you posted wouldn't work as stand alone pieces due to all the blackwork with the shadows and such. I realized I never posted my finished tat in this thread.
  21. But Wayne's parents were very charitable, I believe big supporters of health clinics (closer to universal healthcare) and always were about helping out their city. Wouldn't Bruce be the same way? He's written to often be donating. He avoids weapons contracts so he seems very far from a war-hawk. He is a playboy so I'd imagine he'd HAVE to be pro-choice to avoid any love children . Economics wise I think he would have to have seen how flawed the "trickle" down effect would be in Gotham. During No Mans Land he infuriated at the lack of governmental help with Gotham. I think he has to be liberal. Now Batman may be a different story.
  22. Coming to brag a bit about playing poker with Kevin this Friday. Should be fun.
  23. 360 Games: X-Files: I'd gladly cut a deal and end an auction early if someone from the boards posts there bid. I accidently bought two copies of the X-files for my girlfriend and I don't like the show so I'd just like to recoup my loss or close to it on that. Take like 20 bucks for it. The 360 games seem to be doing pretty well but I'd give em up to someone on here for like 50 or 60 bucks.