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  1. The guys in the thread hating on Yoda have no idea what they are talking about. Knowing about Project Runway helped me get tail on not one but two occasions. Including my current girlfriend.
  2. *coughs* Uh...I don't know what you're talking about this like that Top Model show? Actually I haven't watched any of this season besides the first episode. I usually wait till the season is over and they run the marathon before the finale.
  3. I really really really may go on Thursday to the Philly showing. But I don't want to drive an hour and 20 minutes just to get told I can't get in...
  4. Refuse to read that. I don't want any of this movie ruined to me.
  5. You rule Yoda. Edit: Anyone else really not liking that new costume?
  6. Generally you don't respond to your own posts.
  7. Actually you were a lot nicer on it than I expected. I'll go back and listen to it again cause I know have some arguments on some of the points you made but I just finished my shift so I'm getting Guitar Hero 3 once Wal-mart opens and heading to bed. I'll prove you wrong later
  8. Oh I didn't realize Harlequinade was covered in this episode. I'll have to listen to it once I head back to work in a bit. I will come lynch you both in you have bad things to say about
  9. Not a fan myself but my artist is a HUGE Brian Froud fan. She'll be mighty jealous when I tell her about that. Speaking of which...maybe I'll cut back on some game purchases work a bit more my ink.
  10. I'd gladly be playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band if you could find EITHER anywhere. And I'm calling bullshit and staggering the release of single instrument bundles. Stupid. And Q you're in the top 100 cause theres only 200 copies of the game in the world . Kidding of course. That's awesome. As for me, bit of Forza 2 now and then and some Halo 3. Sad part is I've been playing mostly E4. Such an addictive little game.
  11. Real Game: Mass Effect, Final Fantasy 7 or X, Dead Rising, Halo series, Counter-Strike, KOTOR series. You know...things with depth, storyline, characters? Some level of skill involved? Pardon me for thinking that Roller Coaster Tycoon and his 400 spin-offs aren't really on my list of games worth giving a shit about.
  12. Sorry, I like real games. I grew out of the "tycoon" series at about age 12.
  13. Yea, huge flop. I saw the preview and thought "No way in the world will people see this".
  14. Bwahahaha I'm imagining the "global" Joe team. It's going to be Captain Planet-esque national stereotype central. Oh I feel bad for you guys who were fans. They're going to Transformer it.
  15. *ducks* Maybe I have to rewatch this but I was SHOCKED at how good of reviews this got. The movie just never and still doesn't do much for me.
  16. And this all stemmed from Lois Lane taking a dump.
  17. For the record, Identity Crisis was THE thing that single handedly got me back into comics. I downloaded it after reading it talked about around here and The Oratory and read through the whole thing in one night and I loved it. Maybe I have the benefit of not having to be baffled by all the continuity issues (although I wiki'd a lot of it as I read as to know as much as possible). Say what you will about DC and their events but if it got me to start reading and buying it probably got more people as well. Same thing for World War Hulk. My good friend who was somewhat into comics has bought every issue and every issue connected to it. I hate the book but the event does it for him and it's a new reader which is what everyone wants in the long run isn't it? Oh another Hulk note, anyone faulting DC for tie-ins, whats with the HUGE amount of "World War Hulk" banners I saw across just about every Marvel book on the wrack? It seemed just as ridiculous.
  18. No heat. From listening to the show for so long, I know how you can get when arguing. It was just something I needed to get off my chest anyway. I do feel a little out of my depth trying to discuss comics around here though since I have no where near the knowledge of a lot of people. I couldn't even begin to tell you a thing about artists or writers, I just know what I like and don't. So maybe I over simplify things.
  19. I am fairly sure that's one of if not THE only time I ever made any posts like that. So the whole "if all you're going to do" and "going on and on" things are REALLY off base. 2 out of my 200 some posts? Come on. And by coming in and basically saying something minor is being blown up I was essentially trying to state that it seems pretty much like a throw away panel to me. Pardon me for thinking it's a little insane to think they would have Lois Lane doing blow in a strip club bathroom. Thought apparently with the way this series has been going I guess it wouldn't be too out of place. Once again, I never said you weren't critical of Marvel. Believe me, I know you are. I still say you give them a lot more room to run with. I really wish I had made this post during the summer when I was listening to the shows and for some reasons kept having moments where I completely disagreed with what you were saying and yelling at my ipod at work. I don't want it to come off as trying to be a troll or anything like that. I honestly respect your opinion on comics and this site is the main reason I started getting back into them again. It just seems we disagree about a lot of stuff based off things said on the podcast and around the site. I just don't see anything constructive about making the same tired Crisis jokes over and over again more than anything. Just like I don't see the point in any of the 100 stupid jokes/comments that people make in the WWE folder.
  20. I think it was more that he's not a "mascot".
  21. So the idea is that if I don't like what you say I have to leave? Seems mature. Also loved the idea that I don't read the site or listen to the show (I do, almost every episode). It was one throw away post in a thread cause I'm tired of Glancy coming in and making the same punching reality joke over and over again. And while it is true that you are critical of Marvel comics (I don't ever recall stating you weren't...) it seems to be from listening to the show and reading your posts that you gave Marvel a LOT more leeway with the bullshit they can put out as well. Maybe it's just me but it's irksome to have to read swarmy posts over minor things. It comes off like the wrestling section of The Oratory where everyone has to constantly nitpick at the tiniest things and can't enjoy a match anymore. Especially something like this where it seemed like there was something being made of absolutely nothing. Maybe I'm naive because I haven't been reading comics for years and years and I'm a bit of a "mark" but a lot of the times it just seems nit picky and biased. But hey instead of having a discussion over this...guess I should just leave.
  22. Hey what a shock, Yoda and Glancy are hating some minor thing with DC and making reality jokes! That's NEVER happened in a thread.
  23. The "Arcade" is really just the "Core" retitled.