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This is terrible.

OK, some serious spoilers here:



What is it with these movies trying to make Leatherface sympathetic? He is a vicious serial killer. Stop it.

They really poured it on with this sympathetic figure nonsense. Leatherface speaks and is intelligent, not a big dumb oaf like in the movie it claims to precede. (Leatherface claims to be a direct prequel to the 1974 film.) And he is a genuinely kind and good person trying to protect a hostage taken by other escapees from the asylum. Leatherface does turn heel at the end of the prequel, which takes place in 1965. Because he has to, obviously. But the heel turn makes no sense. It came from absolutely nowhere.

How does he become a brain damaged oaf 8 years later? How does he grow 8 inches and gain 200 pounds? No clue.


Do not watch this.

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