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  1. I'm not explaining anything to him except that not everyone thinks the same way he does about things. If you re going to say a filmmaker made a racist scene you are saying he had intent to make it that way. I don't see any intent. That is all I'm saying. Are we not allowed to have disagreements here? This could lead to a nice discussion if everyone can be adults and start reading things into it that aren't there. Apparently we can't. 


  2. On 5/26/2019 at 8:36 AM, Donomark said:

    The optics of a white guy just waltzing up to whomever he wants to, specifically a black person,  and gunning them down, was just about the last thing cinema needed in 2018. Speaking as a black man, that scene in the trailer (essentially unedited) disturbed me so much that I thought I was gonna get nightmares. Gun culture in America is sustained by fear of The Other, and for Willis to just go up to a guy on his own property and murder him in broad daylight, and then get away with it, was far too realistic to be helped by "But the guy was a drug dealer" excuse. 

    Coupled with the fact that the hoodie has been taken up as a symbolic totem recalling Trayvon Martin, and that Willis was co-opting it to present himself as some kind of urban underdog, and this movie got the "Go fuck yourself" double-fingers from me almost immediately. 

    It's NRA White Savior Revenge Tentacle Porn, and a problem with vigilante movies that goes back to the original Death Wish movies which, for the record I do enjoy, but on an ironic level. You don't solve poverty and drug dealing by blowing black people away, but most of the country thinks you can. That's how we get so many deaths of black men yearly by police, because the narrative that they represent criminality is the understood narrative in films like this. 


    I could see it being racist if the guy wearing a hoodie gunning down people was black, but it goes against the stereotype so it isn't. The whole point of the movie was a guy taking revenge on crime because of what happened to his family. He didn't target the guy because he was black. He was a criminal that hurt people. That doesn't mean he needed to die, but that is the question this movie is asking asking vigilantes. He kills a lot of white people in the movie but this one scene is bad because the person he killed was black and in a black neighborhood? Sometimes a movie scene is just a movie scene.

  3. Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: It's a lot better than I was expecting. It's got some real funny moments. I especially liked the gag with Poison Ivy. There are two things that bugged me about it though. I hated Robin's voice. It just irritated me for some reason. The second is something I had to work to get past in other DC shows and they brought it to a new level here. How are we supposed to pronounce Ra's Al Ghul? I don't really care which way we decide on but can we just pick one please? It is pronounced differently in this movie depending on who says it. Robin says RAISH while everyone else says ROZ. 

  4. I just realized that


    the MCU's present is now the future and all of their movies from now on don't happen in our present time. Does that mean they won't date anything, or will they always date things five years from when it was released? 


  5. So I finally decided to watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I didn't like the first couple episodes but I got into it after the first story wrapped up and they moved on. I have to say, Sabrina is kind of an asshole and I wasn't expecting that. Almost every crisis is her fault because she does things out of selfishness disguised as love for her friends.