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  1. Here it is, the very first picture of Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko / Sandman:


    I think I just dirtied my pants!

    I never thought I would say this, but Thomas Hayden Church looks like a badass. Also, some girl was on Jay Leno the other night saying that she was Gwen Stacy and had dyed her hair from red to blonde, but I didn't pay attention to who it was.

  2. About the price, remember this is Nintendo. They sell the game boy micro for $100.00, which is really close to the DS. They knew that only the hardcore fans would buy the micro for that price, and it would steer casual gamers to buy the DS for only $30.00 more. So the Revolution, which should cost $150.00 will more than likely cost 199.99 or 249.99. It inflates the price for a quick profit before they have to drop the price 2 years down the road, and keeps it cheaper than both PS3 and the XBox360. The price has to be considerably higher than the DS to not only sell more DS's, but to show how much more powerful it is than the DS. By the time the price drop comes, the money coming in won't be from the system anymore, but the library of games(from the NES and up) people are buying and playing on their Revolutions.

    Inflate the price first, then make the money from software. All while you are still getting people to buy DS's. Those darn shifty asians and their math and business skills.

  3. If you keep reading this thread you will be spoiled. Not by me, but I'm sure someone will.

    My favorite twist in a movie has to be The Usual Suspects. I figured it about 30 seconds before they showed it, and I still couldn't belive it.

    My second would have been the 6th Sense but someone gave it away before I saw the movie.

    The Others had a great twist, but it was a crappy movie.

    The Skeleton Key had a crappy twist, in a crappy movie.

    Someone gave away The Village to me and I refused to see it, and still haven't.

    Since I have named the usual suspects :doh: , what are your favorites not listed here? Maybe you can get us to watch some movies we haven't seen yet. If you are going to give away the twist, please let us know ahead of time.

  4. NWA TNA used to be a great company. The X Division really made them stand out. Now they are just like the WCW used to be but not nearly as good. They get all the WWE talent when their contract is up(because where else are they going to go?). What is up with the octagon ring? What is up with the lame ppv headliners(Jeff Jarret)? Does anybody even want to watch Sting anymore since he started preaching on the christian channel(the last one that did that was Jake the Snake Roberts)?

  5. The Excaliber prelude was pretty good. Can anyone tell me how Callisto got those tenticles?

    Secondary mutation. Just like Black Tom Cassidy turned into a tree, and Emma can turn to diamond.

  6. For those that don't know he recently died and came back to life and now has bones coming out of his arms. He even says he must have "Logan envy". When he came back, another thing came back with him. This is all coming to some new story where this new suit plays a role I'm sure. Remember, every time he has gotten a new suit, it changed his life forever, and involved someone or something else. I don't count the armor cause that was not going to be permanant.

  7. Apparently this show has really offended some people in the black community. Rev. Al Sharpton was on CNN or FoxNews(can't remember which) saying that the episode with Martin Luther King was degrading. From watching it, I could tell that he had never seen the episode he was complaining about.

  8. Hey everyone, this is my first post. If she hasn't read it yet, she should pick up Green Arrow: Quiver. Not only did Kevin Smith bring back a character that had been dead for a long time, but he made him a character that you actually like having around again. Green Arrow was killed because nobody knew what to do with a character that looked like Robin Hood, and had no super powers. He was, dare I say it, lame. Somehow Smith made him not only cool, but better than he ever was. Anyone who calls themself a comic book fan must read this at some point in their lives to be complete.