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  1. Excellent stuff. I'm guessing you don't have the BBC DVD then? If not, you're missing about what Sutekh has been up to since his Doctor Who career. 'I bring Sutekh's gift of ocelots to all mankind'.
  2. Enjoyed this a lot, as I really like 'Pyramids of Mars'. Mike, did you notice the strange hand on Sutekh's chair?
  3. I've started a new podcast with a friend in which we look at graphic novels, characters or titles. It's called Panel Talk, it's up on www.geekplanetonline.com and you can download them here. The latest one is all about Crisis on Infinite Earths - we're looking for opinions on Art Spiegelman's Maus next.
  4. Episode 420 is late and lost? It's presumably stoned.
  5. Re: Sandman, it may be worth pointing out that some of the stuff that happens is setting up future storylines. The Loki story happens specifically because it puts him in Morpheus' debt. This becomes a hugely important factor. It's also worth bearing in mind that, when we meet the family, that's the first time we've met some of them.
  6. Anything you specifically dis/liked?
  7. Hey guys, I'm working on a new podcast these days called 'Panel Talk' - more info in the shill section, but basically me and another guy talk comics. Tomorrow night, we're recording one on 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' and we're trying to get opinions from people that we can discuss. However, I figured that, as a topic, it could probably outgrow the next 24 hours, so thought this would be a good place for it. So, if you've read Crisis on Infinite Earths, what did you think?
  8. The hideous scarf I am currently knitting. Three strips down and fifty more to go. Whee! I loved the most recent episode guys. I cannot wait for you guys to get to The Talons of Wei-Chaing, my new favorite Doctor Who episode. Ah, that's the one with the first visible tits in Doctor Who. Which was a surprise.
  9. I warrant a tilde bang now? Nice. Erm, yes. Hello! I do lurk around here quite a bit, but I'm hyper-aware of being an overly-shilling bastard, so I try not to be....while also occasionally trying to be. It's all very confusing. Although at least I'm not actively upsetting anybody by posting, like I am over at the Oratory, where I've had PM's over the fact that I've occasionally posted in OWA threads, and yet I'm not bringing back Legion. The bastard that I am. Back on Doctor Who topic, I'll drop some links to the WhoCasts we've been doing. They're rather fun, and we even did some research.
  10. Also worth reminding people that, on the same site, if you check out the Eclectic Podcast, we've been doing each alternate podcast as a special, looking at each of the Doctors. Next up is our look at Colin Baker.
  11. Really enjoyed this one, not least because I'd just finished watching the story for the first time. Loved the description of the music, even though I liked it during the story - sure, it's odd and a bit crap, but an awful lot of seventies shows are odd and a bit crap, and that's why I like them. I may have missed you discussing it (my MP3 player cut out, and I may have missed a few minutes), but I don't think you mentioned Geoffrey Palmer (the government minister), who is well known in the UK. He's the star of 70s sitcom 'Butterflies' and opposite Judie Dench in 'As Time Goes By'. He also memorably turns up in 'Fawlty Towers', and narrates half of British television (including a fair few Doctor Who DVD special features, I think). He was also the captain in the new-Who 'Voyage of the Damned'. If I missed you discussing him, or forgot it, my apologies. I also adore Fulton MacKay, and thought he was awesome in this. Particularly liked him dealing with strange creatures in the caves. It's kind of a forerunner for his Fraggle Rock run.
  12. Okay, the episode is up - we were hoping to use more of people's thoughts, but we overran considerably. However, here it is. The Eclectic Podcast takes a look at William Hartnell. (Incidentally, I'll hopefully be bumping The Silurians back up tonight, as I finished watching it last night, so will be listening to the podcast today. Hurrah!).
  13. Hope this isn't in the wrong place... We're currently putting together a podcast about William Hartnell over at GeekPlanet, as the first of an alternate episodes look through each Doctor in turn. We're curious what people's thoughts are about the first Doctor. So, yeah - what did you like/dislike? What were your first impressions? Got any knowledge about Mr Hartnell that you'd like to be brought more to light? Cheers, and hope I'm not treading on any toes.
  14. Ooh, it's been a while since I pimped in here, hasn't it? Okay, there's loads on the front page over at GeekPlanet. Video gaming? Check out the Hairy Gamer's retro podcast 'One More Go'. Horror? Well, we've got the awesome, awesome Gentleman's Grindhouse podcast. Also, the latest 'Standing at the Edge' is all about viral internet horror, Marble Hornets and the utterly-fucking-terrifying Slender Man. Sci-Fi? Check out the latest Eclectic Podcast, with the classic Geek Argument - WHO! IS! AWESOMEST? (Star Trek Captains version). Comedy? Earth-2's own Ian Wilson has continued with his 'Carry On Scribbling' column, and has reviewed the classic 'Carry On Nurse'. So, yeah - check it all out. There's loads to listen to and read.
  15. No more slacking! Here's the latest podcast! It's all about eighties cartoons, with lots of Thundercats.