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  1. Damn it's been a while since this was active... As tattoo's go my Brian Froud sleeve goes from my wrist to my chest and has maybe 1 session left to go... I need to get some photos
  2. And here is part 3 of the project just above my elbow:
  3. Well 2 more hours until I get the next lot of work done on it...
  4. Ok Brian Froud Sleeve part 1 And then part 2 And when you reverse it... Part 3 comes next Wednesday
  5. No, that's my job. Tim's job is to supply Superboyman-Prime jokes. Damn on Rogues Gallery I was calling him Supermanboy and Ian thought of the worst title for the comic for the character... supermanboy love...
  6. Well I've finally booked in to start my left sleeve... it's going to be all Brian Froud influenced starting with this on my shoulder and then having the leaves extend down my arm with all sorts of Fae an Goblins (and my kids) pokeing their heads out from them so everytime you look at it there are different ones that you missed last time!
  7. If you haven't been reading Doktor Sleepless then you should start now. Written by Warren Ellis and coming out from Avatar then your missing out on what seems to be his response to Transmetropolitian.
  8. Lord Shaper

    Episode 12

    I'm planing on getting Dead Earth: The Green Dawn soon as well but with everything I've been getting I have to lay low before the wife desides that I've got to stop spending so much hehehehe I'll give it a month I think and then look at getting it. I was tempted to get the Lettered one a well but I don't think I can justify the $100 for it. Have you managed to read the books yet?
  9. Lord Shaper

    Episode 12

    I'm just playing Catch Up and it was good Hearing Mark talking about his stuff rather than talking to everyone else... I've been a long time listener of Pod of Horror and I thought it was great that you got him. As you know Nancy and Mark mention us nearly every show since they put up our promo on nearly each episode hehehehe BTW I'm going to have an email coming your way soon!
  10. Great epsiode of Dr Who and it's good that we only had it show on TV here in the last few weeks! It has to be my fav episode of the new Dr Who so far!
  11. I have my copy coming in the mail from the artist apparently but don't buy it for my content buy it for Ed and Grants hehehehe
  12. I'm starting to get nervous about what people are going to think about it since I haven't had anything printed before!
  13. I'll announce now since it's getting close to being released that I have a 2 page story coming out in the Hard Cover!