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  1. Well, folks, I can't believe season three of the Studica Skills competitions is winding down already. We've received some amazing entries, and while last year, before we really started promoting Studica Skills, we had just over 10,000 students registered, this year we have more than 35,000 students signed up, and there are still a few weeks remaining. Microsoft has donated more than $15,000 worth of prizes to be awarded at the end of season three, so if you're a student and would like a piece of the pie, there is still time to compete! Take a look at the competition themes on our website:
  2. I'm a HUGE fan of the original, with Audrey Hepburn (LOVE HER), but I have to say that I enjoyed the 1995 remake of Sabrina, with, *gasp!*, Harrison Ford.
  3. are any of the members of this forum students of any technology programs? graphic design? digital animation? video production? photography? bueller? bueller?
  4. some new entries have been added to our competitions, and we'll be giving away more random monthly prizes, so thank you to anybody who has checked out our website, and good luck if you're planning to submit any artwork! some of the Photoshop and Maya submissions in particular are excellent!
  5. nah. quite the opposite, in fact. the rolleyes just meant that i thought Stardust looked THAT ridiculous. i am guilty of the overuse of the emoticon.
  6. the euro must be well above double by now, given that our dollar has dropped so horribly in the last year. awful. the film industry is completely different overseas. movies used to take for-bloody-ever to get there (sometimes when they've already made it to dvd here), and the prices have always been atrocious. so the fact that the cost of a movie ticket and a dvd over there are COMPLETELY inflated (not to mention the value of the pound/euro) means that the numbers are messed up. when comparing what a movie makes in the US or north america versus the UK, it's like apples and oranges.
  7. it's been quoted of Marley Shelton that there may be one that's kung-fu oriented and one is sexploitation. the die-hard fans of tarantino and rodriguez and the splat genre in general are going to eat these up!
  8. i vote YES, ginormous flop. it's a shame. i don't think that films being done entirely with CGI will ever be taken seriously. i was really excited about Titan A.E. (which was fun, but the numbers were less than stellar), and Final Fantasy (enjoyable, but the animation needed some major improvements, and i HATED some of the actors who did the voices), and i think that Beowulf just seems way over-the-top. i just think that the entire film industry is already so carved-in-stone, and if a movie doesn't use a particular FORMULA, then it's destined for miserable failure. baby steps thoug
  9. this remake makes me VERY nervous. i ADORE clive barker, and i'm a big advocate of the whole "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. Pinhead is my absolute favourite villain of all-time. they'll be hard-pressed to find someone of Doug Bradley's caliber to play the role. i'm still waiting for them to make a movie based around the Tortured Souls figures he did with McFarlane. there was talk about a movie, but i keep looking for little teasers and coming up empty-handed. bah!
  10. VERY disappointing to see that Grindhouse didn't do well. i absolutely LOVED it, and can't wait to see the sequel! apparently the fake trailers included in the film were so well-received that one or more may be turned into feature-length films!
  11. hey gang! i'm new here, and i'll give you a quick introduction: my name is Karmyn, and i'm a bit of a geek. i'm here to check out the discussion and learn a few things, and Yoda says it's cool for me to fill you all in on some great opportunities for those of you who are artistically inclined to show us what you've got! if you haven't already heard of us, check out this website: i'm the Studica Skills Specialist, at your service. we offer a variety of competitions in categories such as: music writing, scriptwriting, digital art and sketching, video prod