Escape from Miami


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Miami, home to Dexter Morgan and countless "Miami Vice" puns. However one grad student finds himself apart from this paradise. Confused on how people panic over global warming yet still save on beachside property and keep driving muscle cars, he searches for a place that takes action rather than spreads panic.

Okay, joking aside here is a link to some things I am selling on Ebay.

Also I am willing to do art commissions. I have already posted some fan art in the past.



Normally Comissions go for $25 but for anyone in the community I am offering $7 for any commissions. That includes Titlecards, memes, single page comics.

Let me know via Private message if you want any further details.

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Well, I made it. My car broke down on the way out. It cost me around $400. to get it fixed. Only to realize it had $1100 worth of additional essential work. I eventually sold it for pennies on the dollar, and rented a car. I left yesterday at noon from Cocoa Florida and currently am at a McDonalds in Indiana. I went 1000 miles in seventeen hours. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I have managed to escape from Miami.

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