Episode 351


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Last weekend, Desmond journeyed to Portland, Oregon, where he attended his first World Horror Convention and Stoker Awards Ceremony. This is two and a half hours of footage from said convention. The amazing personalities we meet along the way (in order of appearance) are: Derek M. Koch (from Monster Kid Radio), David Agranoff (author of Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich and co-author of Flesh Trade), Edward R. Morris (co-author of Flesh Trade), Victoria Price (daughter of Vincent Price), Jeff Strand (author and Stoker Awards emcee), James Beach (founder of Dark Discoveries magazine and now editing for Dark Regions Press), Lynne Hansen (young adult horror fiction author and director of He's Not Looking So Great and Chomp), Brian Keene (prolific author of The Rising and Ghoul and recipient of this year's Grandmaster Award), Jeff Burk (publisher of Deadite Press), Carlton Mellick III (bizarro fiction author of The Tick People and Adolf in Wonderland among many others), and White Jesus (known mainly for interrupting podcasts). There's songs as well! "Johnny Paranoid" by Sado-Nation, "Howling in the Streets" by Rat, "Face Down" by Monster Magnet, "New Dark Ages" by Bad Religion, "Sick Bubble Gum" by Rob Zombie, and "Morgue than Words" by Wednesday 13. [ 2:31:21 || 72.9 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_351.mp3

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