Episode 06


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For a Star Trek podcast, this episode contains a fair amount of Doctor Who news and discussion. It also features the return of Riley, which may or may not induce squeals. As for the episodes: Spock risks his life to save Captain Pike ("The Menagerie"), and Kirk comes face-to-face with a tyrant from his past ("The Conscience of the King"). [ 1:33:10 || 45.2 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/theedgeofforever/episodes/theedgeofforever_006.mp3

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Conscience of the King was actually one of the first 2 Star Trek episodes I remember watching. I was about 8 or so and my parents went shopping in an Ikea. They dropped my younger brother off in the kids area and I didn't feel like walking around the store so I decided to stay there and keep an eye on him. They had a TV in there and was airing 2 Star Trek episodes back to back. The first one was Miri and I remember thinking "This is the show everyone makes a fuss about? This episode stinks.". Then Conscience of the King started ans I thought "Oh this is much better". My parents came back to get us right before the show ended and I made them wait so I could see how it ended. Still one of my favorite episodes today. Riley does rule.

Oh and Mike a closing thought in honor of the 2 podcasts that led me to find Earth-2. Slade is the War Chief.

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