Episode 738


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It's a new TV season, so Will and TV 101 are back to preview the Fall 2014 line-up. There's some cautious optimism, outright hatred, and genuine enthusiasm. Also, what show is Will's bet for eventual cancellation this year? Tune in to find out! [ 1:04:55 || 31.5 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_738.mp3

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Constintine couuld also fail because other than the average at best movie of a couple of years ago, he has not been used at all. He was never used in the Superfriends, the DCAU, Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Batman, Beware the Batman, or Young Justice. It might have been better if they had chosen one of the Zataras' or Jason Blood.

Another reason why Agent Carter is going to be interesting is that they will be doing it as a period piece. If it is a Mini-Series, that makes sense because period pieces usually take a lot of money to put on.

I have watched the first few episodes of Gotham. I agree with you, Fish Mooney will not last long but she last long enough to have her make her attempt on the Big Bosses life.

Have you see the dribs and drabs about the possible show about Supergirl? I have expect it to be decent because the producer is Greg Berlanti of Arrow.

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