Selling 160 gig iPod Classic and iHome


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Also, gonna put this out here - I'm potentially looking at selling a 160 gig iPod classic soon (as I honestly don't use it except on my iHome, which will also be going up for sale.) The iPod will be factory wiped prior to sending it out, and has barely been used over the last three years except as an alarm clock hookup. The iHome is almost a decade old at this point, and is still functioning, except for the backlight on the display. If you'd be interested, drop me a line.

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That remind me, that Xbox-360 you sold me, I gave as a gift to my girlfiends daughter. She enjoys it much more than I did. She especially loves Borderlands because the robot clap-trap reminds her of Gir from Invader Zim. She loves it and I feel closer to the family because of it. So Thank you. I know you sell good products.

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