Episode 401


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This week is for the ladies. Virgins and whores, final girls and damsels in distress. Monsters and monster-hunters. Seductresses and victims. Everything in between. The female of the species is not often serviced well by the genre, but this week we present reviews of eight films of varying quality that are centered around women. First, Chris joins Desmond to discuss the intense and powerful Martha Marcy May Marlene starring the amazing Elizabeth Olsen. Devil Dinosaur Jr. sidles up to chat up Girls Against Boys. Desmond goes solo on a variety of films: Avenged, Rabid Grannies, Echoes, and two films from Troma's From Asia with Lust Volume 1 DVD: Hitch-Hike and Camp. Finally, ending on a bang, Duane joins Desmond for a look at All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. There's tunes as well: "Floor" by Royal Thunder, "Marcy's Song" by John Hawkes, "Learned It" by Girls Against Boys, "Blood Sisters" by Huntress, "Dark Secret Girl" by Turbonegro, and "She Rides" by Danzig. [ 1:45:40 || 50.9 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_401.mp3

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