Children of Spindle: a fantasy story


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     Hello everyone. Let me begin by saying that in the past everyone on this forum has been very kind and supportive of me in my endeavors. For this reason I would like to share a project that my girlfriend is working on. It is a fantasy series involving a mystical land where peoples knitted creation comes to life. Spirits of nature give you a gift of needles and spindles based off your talent and passions which are reflected in the color of your needles. For example, a gardener would have green a fisherman would have blue. This may sound wonderful but a government entity known simply as "The Ministry" has made the use of any needles (other than ministry black) as taboo of an act as say witchcraft among the Puritans. 

     Is it better to crush your passions (both figuratively and literally) in order to live a life accepted by the majority? Or is it better to be seen as a criminal to follow your heart? These are just one of the many questions that Talia faces as her parents sneak her out of Spindle to seemingly abandon her in the forest with only some bread, her needles and Chatter, A creature made from knit yarn. What will she encounter in the forest? who will she come across and what is their connection? Only the unseen that binds them all, truly knows. 


You can read the first two chapters for free in the facebook link.

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