Episode 435


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We end Yellow Christmas in style with a slew of films from the sleazy history of giallo. From 1972 all the way to 2015, five films outline the blood, black gloves, and boobs that we all love so much. First up, Desmond and Darryll dust off their film-reviewing prowess in Sergio Martino's sleazy Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. Then, Desmond and Duane discuss the violence against women and the storied and confusing history of Goblin in their review of Dario Argento's Tenebrae. In the first of an unprecedented two Stay Scaries, Devil Dinosaur Jr. looks at Lamberto Bava's failed television project that he turned into a feature film: A Blade in the Dark. Then another Argento film gets covered as Richard the Monster Movie Kid wades into the loaded question that is Argento's Phenomenon (AKA Creepers). Devil Dinosaur Jr. returns for another Stay Scary, taking a look at the Canadian filmmaking collective Astron 6's homage to giallo: The Editor. All this, a giveaway and music: "Carol of the Bells" by Steve Moore, "Vices" by Slayer, "Tenebre (live)" by Daemonia, "Flash of the Blade" by Iron Maiden, "Locomotive" by Motorhead, "From the Back of the Film" by Thrush Hermit, and "Silent Night, Deadly Night (acoustic)" by The Browns. Merry Christmas! [ 1:52:02 || 54.0 MB ]

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