Smackdown spoilers


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Dark Match:

I was late getting there but the guy next to me said Paul London beat a local guy.


Brian "Spanky" Kendrick beat a local guy.  The crowd gave him a nice reception.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki beat William Regal and Paul Burchill when the heels just beat Scotty into next week and the ref DQ'd them.

The Mexicools, with Juvy, beat Big Vito & Nunzio.


Booker T beat Christian.  They may have done more dissention between Booker and Sharmell.  I missed part of it.

Heidenreich and Animal won a squash over two local guys.

They did some bits where Eddie Guerrero acted sick to Teddy Long to get out of working with Batista tonight. Batista said he would get him a doctor.

The Ortons brought out a casket to do a funeral for The Undertaker.  He showed them though because when they opened the casket, the Dead Man was inside and cleaned house, throwing Randy into the box.

Hardcore Holly, with Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme, beat Sylvain Grenier.

Bobby Lashley debuted, beating Simon Dean.  Lashley looked good.

Ken Kennedy beat Rey Mysterio in the best match of the night.

Chris Benoit beat Orlando Jordan in less than 30 seconds to retain the US Title. OK creative, we get the point.  Benoit can easily beat Jordan.  Let's move on.

Batista and Eddie Guerrero beat MNM in the main event. Eddie played sick through the whole match but tagged himself in at the end to score the pin.  Batista was mad, but Eddie acted like they were pals.

In the dark main event, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and Batista beat JBL and Randy Orton.

Sounds weak.

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Slightly more detailed spoilers at the Observer mention some stuff about JBL cutting a promo with a white horse, then doing a run-in on the horse (gallop-in? canter-in?) during the Kennedy/Mysterio match. Also, something about Eddie getting a handjob (which I'm sure UPN will love). And also the Grenier/Holly stuff happened differently...but whatever.

Kennedy vs. Mysterio and the main event sound fun. Will also watch for Blaster Lashley. Depending on some of the match could be good. I really hate it when people try to judge shows based on spoilers (though I am probably guilty of it myself sometimes), especially when the people spoiling have to interject their opinions into everything.

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