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From the Observer:

- Before the decision was made for Chavo Guerrero’s new character to be Kerwin White, Guerrero desperately tried to come up with an alternative idea. Vince McMahon was not interested in Guerrero’s proposals, as he had his heart set on the Kerwin White character.

- New rumors are beginning to swirl around that the big celebrity to make an appearance at WrestleMania 22 could be Eminem. He would be brought in for a rap battle or tag-team match with John Cena. No decision has been made yet on if Jose Canseco or Eminem will be the celebrity who’s going to make an appearance at WrestleMania 22.

Why would they ever use Jose Canseco in Chicago? Eminem I get to some extent (there's the Cena thing), but Canseco...?

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I don't get Canseco....then again I didn't get Pete Rose either.

But I could see Eminem performing, but I think that'd be a waste to throw him away in a tag match with Cena or something...now that'd suck.

As far as the Kerwin situation, that sucks McMahon didn't want to listen to him, but then again it's better than not being on TV at all, although I don't think the Kerwin idea is the worst in the world...

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