Muhammad Hassan gone from WWE


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Copani moves on

Sept. 21, 2005

According to John Laurinaitis, Vice President of Talent Relations for World Wrestling Entertainment, Mark Copani, a.k.a. Muhammad Hassan, and WWE have decided to go their separate ways.

Copani, who was last seen at The Great American Bash in late-July, had nothing but positive remarks about his WWE experience in recent phone interview.

“I have a great appreciation for WWE and the way they treated me,” said Copani. “Everybody took care of me even more than they ever had to. I have a great deal of gratitude for the McMahons, the people in the office and the boys in the locker room. I have absolutely no grievances in the way that everything played out. In fact, the split was very amicable. I just thought that it was in my best interest, as well as WWE’s best interest, for us to go our separate ways.”

With WWE now in his past, Copani is heading to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. But does that mean WWE fans will never see the former Muhammad Hassan in a wrestling ring again?

“Wrestling is in my back pocket for now,” admitted Copani. “Luckily, the door was left open for a return if that is what I wish to do in the future. And if that’s something I wish to do, I know who to call.”

Sure, we knew it was inevitable, but it sucks nonetheless.

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He probably would have been by now, absolutely. But upon reading other reports, it seems like he didn't put his whole heart into the business and is looking for acting gigs in Hollywood. He wanted to use wrestling as a pedestal...

Although now I'm anxious to see Daivari return hopefully. He debuted last week on OVW TV so I can't wait to see what happens.

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