Episode 488


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It's days of Auld Lang Die here at Dread Media. Happy 2017, everyone. This first episode of the year does what many New Years-themed specials do, and that is look ahead. This week we look at three films that present wildly different visions of the future. First up, Duane and Desmond take a look at the post-apocalyptic wasteland of French Canada's Turbo Kid. Then, a Japanese utopia is threatened by villains only a group of heroes with a massive robot can as Darryll and Desmond review the first few episodes of the anime series Giant Robo. Finally, an enigmatic woman travels to the past to gather a cult of followers to warn them of the coming cataclysm in Chris and Desmond's review of Sound of My Voice. Here are some future party tunes to ring in 2017: "Future World" by Helloween, "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest, "Electric Uncle Sam" by Primus, "Dreams" by The Cranberries, and "This Year" by The Mountain Goats. Happy New Year! [ 1:54:37 || 55.2 MB ]


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