Student Loan Fuckery! Wheeeee!


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TLDR: My federal student loan servicer (Cornerstone) failed to notify me that I owed money (despite being at 0/month for a good long while), never left voice messages about the delinquency/need to renew the IBR paperwork (despite claiming otherwise), and now it turns out that I have a delinquent account with them. I'm fighting them about it and have the necessary paperwork in to make sure I'm in good standing, but jesus fucking christ. 

More details here.  Please feel free to share. 

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After posting a 1 star review on Facebook, a manager got in contact with me today. 


  • apologized for Garrett (I made it clear that everyone on the level below that was wonderful to me and that I had no issue with them)
  • said that they're going to be reversing the negative reporting since they A) never sent me the IBR renewal paperwork and B) they never sent me an August bill
  • said they're going to look into the fact that no voice messages were left despite what the logs say

Now the caveat is we still don't have a date as to when this is reversed, so I do still need the money. (At least it's all going to the loan... >.> )

And the questionable lesson here is those 1 star Facebook reviews actually work better than dealing with the system. 

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