Episode 13.01


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Dave and Ian invite you to join them for a vaguely seasonal episode as the watch the somewhat notorious Doctor Who spinoff attempt K9 and Company. Sarah Jane Smith is set to spend time at her aunt's country home but when she arrives she finds her aunt has left in suspicious circumstances, she has to look after her aunt's ward who is back from boarding school, and a crate that has been waiting for her for three years contains a gift from The Doctor in the shape of K9 Mark III. If all that wasn't enough, it seems that there is a pagan cult at work in the village of Morton Harwood that could have dire consequences for Aunt Lavina's market garden business. Sarah Jane and K9 must solve the mystery and rescue Brendan from a sacrificial alter. They also discuss what connects this to Hellraiser, how the BBC viewed anywhere west of Reading, and who are the ringleaders of the Morton Harwood swinger set.


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