Episode 17.01


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Dave and Ian kick off 2019 with a new show: Joss Whedon's Firefly. In "Serenity," Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of his ship, Serenity, struggle to scrape a living. After they are nearly caught while pulling an illegal salvage operation, Mal is forced to trade the goods on a remote moon with someone who shot him last time they met. Things are made even more complex when several of the ship's passengers turn out to be more than they seem. In "The Train Job," Mal agrees to pull a heist for a very dangerous gangster, but after having pulled it off finds that he can't handover the goods because it's much-needed medication. They also commit to making the character of Jayne sound more British, and Ian finds himself unable to distinguish between River Tam and Summer Glau. [ 2:17:11 || 69.2 MB ]


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