Episode 61: Sean Bean


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This month, The Brothers Wilson take on a fellow countryman who is a known supporting character actor whose eligibility for an episode is very much boosted by The Year of the Rings: Sean Bean. Ian is introduced to the Bechdel Test-endorsed video game adaptation Silent Hill. Whilst Pandy takes in an equally cheery film about plague-ridden England in the Middle Ages, and the quest to unearth a necromancer with a young Eddie Redmayne entitled Black Death. Finally, the podcast reviews an early role in which our subject plays a vengeful IRA terrorist relentlessly pursuing Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan in Patriot Games. On top of this, the episode contains discussion about video games being brought to the screen, Ian's inability to pronounce the most famous animated lion role portrayed by James Earl Jones, and Pandy's demented obsession with animated pre-school YouTube star Bob the Train. Choo-choo, melon farmers! [ 3:08:26 || 90.8 MB ]


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Some clarification on my feedback: I don't know why I typed Sean Penn instead of Sean Bean, tbh. It's just an honest mistake I didn't catch until I heard Ian say it out loud on the episode. And per the 'multiple abuse allegations' thing: I googled if Sean Bean was some sort of sex monster, and thankfully, I don't believe anyone's said he is. However, he's still been accused by multiple exes that he's an abusive shithead, which is less good. 

Anyway, good episode, lads.

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