Episode 17.02

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Ian and Dave continue to make their way through Firefly. In "Bushwacked," the crew of Serenity stumbles across a derelict ship that has been attacked by Reavers. Their salvage operation is interrupted by a lone survivor and an Alliance cruiser. In "Shindig," Mal has to negotiate his way through high society in order to strike a deal to smuggle cargo, and finds himself in a fencing duel to the death with one of Inara's clients. And in "Safe" the crew deliver their cargo, but Book is shot when the deal goes south and Simon and River are kidnapped by a village that needs a doctor. Ian continues to struggle with names, Dave disagrees with Wikipedia over what the Tam's father should be called, and they receive feedback from the Orgs with a difference. [ 2:03:36 || 46.8 MB ]


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