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I need help with level 6 (Writer's Block). This might sound really dumb but I'm stuck because it keeps saying that I need to look out for fresh paint, so naturally I try to kick the other gangs asses and steal their paint to no avail. I think I have to open that door with the flashing red button by it but I'm not sure cause it won't open. Any help without too many spoilers would be great. (I've tried looking for an FAQ but the only one I can find is incomplete on

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Does this help? (PS2 version by the way.)

3.6  Writer's Block


53 days before the meeting

Section 6A


Exit the subway and head to the red marker to meet up with the other writers.

Section 6B


So you need to put up a huge burner and the spray cans appear one at a time.  You better get to running! It's best to remain out near the van until you see a can appear on the radar. If you're close enough to get the can first then by all means rush for it, but if you see others go for it before you then don't bother. You'll also want to set the Warriors to Watch My Back to keep the other gangs away while you tag on the wall. Needless to say you also want to avoid wasting paint by going off the lines.

Section 6C


B-B-B-B-break them in half? Eh, you know artists...

It's time for a clown beat-down, but first you need to activate the freight elevator at the yellow marker. Press Triangle to do that and then guard against attacks until the elevator arrives. Get inside to move up to the roof.

Now you get to waste that fat load. Approach the edge of the roof and grab one of the projectiles on the ground. Aim out towards Chatterbox, but instead of hitting him you need to aim for the hook that attaches the rope to the platform over Chatterbox's head. Hit that rope a few times to knock it down and take out the Hi-Hats' leader.

Section 6D


The clowns are out for blood! Hold L2 to sprint and start following the given path. Keep your finger near Triangle because you'll come across some fences and gaps to jump over as you run away from the gang.

Section 6E


Trash 'n bash, baby! Grab the paint cans on the floor and toss them at the various works of "art" around the studio to fill the meter. You can also tag them up or simply smash them to complete the objective before the timer runs out. Once that's over you'll be done with the chapter.

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