Episode 19.03 - Automan


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Dave and Ian are back with another two episodes of Automan. In "Ship in the Night," Walter and Automan travel to a Caribbean island to investigate the disappearances of several wealthy businessmen. In "Unreasonable Facsimile," Automan accidentally assimilates a soap opera and wants to fall in love. When he meets a woman connected with Walter's latest case, he thinks he has found love, but this brings up many philosophical questions about Automan's level of sentience. Are his emotions real or the result of an algorithm? If he is truly capable of feelings and autonomous thought, does that make him a lifeform and if that is the case does that mean that Walter is exploiting him for personal gain? Don't expect any of these questions to be answered though, as the story is more focused on making a profit for sub-standard helicopter parts. Dave tries out a new dramatic sound effect and institutes "briefcase full of money watch," while Ian shares the timespan during which he watched Eastenders and shares his hatred of one of the main characters. [ 1:21:12 || 76.2 MB ]


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