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You don’t hate GOOD comics do you?!

Chicago, IL – May 9, 2006 – In May, Devil’s Due Publishing kicks off a FREE comic book promotion - the Devil’s Due’s RIPPED-OFFer! With so many comics coming out every month from “The Big Two” these days, they can’t all be that great. We know, we read them too. If you bought a “Big Two” book you don’t like, vent your frustration and RIP THE COVER OFF! Send the cover to DDP, and we’ll send you a FREE BOOK. That’s right, a free book! It’s finally your turn to rip them off!

“I came up with this idea a few months ago when stores were beginning to get inundated with a deluge of crossover comics.” said DDP President Josh Blaylock, “This isn’t going to topple any ‘empires’, but it can be a fun way to discover a new comic and vent one’s frustrations at the same time.”

“I just dropped 2 books published by “The Big Two” from my pull box recently. I just wasn’t interested in the stories any more,” began DDP VP of Marketing Susan Bishop. “It’s nice that there’s a place for readers to send these unwanted books and get another title for free!”

To Participate – Send your name, mailing address, email address, a torn-off comic book cover and 3 comic title preferences, if any (visit to view titles) to:

Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc.,

Attn: Free DDP Comic,

4619 N. Ravenswood #204,

Chicago, IL 60640

RULES – The comic cover sent in must have been released in the last 2 months. Covers must be from “The Big Two”. If you don’t know what that means, we’re not going to tell you. Devil’s Due does not guarantee any specific comic title will be sent, regardless of sent choices. No more than one comic per address. Comics will be shipped Media Mail within two weeks after the above is received. Ripped-off covers become property of Devil’s Due and are non-returnable.

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